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Moms Protest with Nurse-Ins at Facebook Offices

Moms Protest with Nurse-Ins at Facebook Offices

As ABC News reports, breastfeeding moms staged "nurse-ins" at Facebook offices around the world on Monday, charging the social network with inappropriately removing photos of moms breastfeeding.

While a Facebook representative explained that the removal of photos was due to employee error, moms like Emma Kwasnica aren't convinced. Since 2007, dozens of her breastfeeding photos have been flagged and her personal page has been disabled four times as a result.

Read the full story here...

Have you ever posted a nursing picture on Facebook?

Image Source: ABC News

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StacieJ StacieJ 5 years
@LiMira, I totally agree with it being a bonding time between mom & baby. But when out in public & baby is hungry, is mom supposed to ignore him/her when a quick 10 min. feeding would satisfy baby until mom is able to get home. When I'm out with my kids (all 3 were nursed as infants) & we get hungry, we stop to eat if we're not going straight home. Why should babies be an exception?
LiMiraNicholson LiMiraNicholson 5 years
LiMiraNicholson LiMiraNicholson 5 years
Although I believe breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural act, I do think that it is and intimate bonding time between mother and child and I'm not quite sure while mothers would want to share it....but that's just my opinion and if they choose to do so I wouldn't judge or condemned them. It amazes me that they would snatch down breastfeeding pics when it's a mother feeding her child, but there are several sex groups on the site where breasts as well as other body parts are put out there....and I mean REALLY put out there just for obvious sexual pleasure.
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