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Moms Punishes Children with Signs

Mother Punishes Kids With Embarrassment

Timeouts don't always do the trick, but how far would you go to get your point across to your kids? One mother in Omaha, Nebraska took her children to a busy street corner for some prime time embarrassment. Hoping that they would learn a lesson in humility, single working mother of three, Christina Wilcox told reporters:

They'll learn by embarrassment. They'll learn. I've tried grounding them and disciplining them in every form and way, and this the only way I can get through to them.

Seven–year–old son Mason was being punished for stealing while his older brother held a sign that read, "I'll never have a girlfriend. I can't respect my mom." The five–year–old daughter wasn't allowed a reprieve for her thieving ways either.

What do you think of this mother's method of punishment?

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