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Moms Rally to Donate Breast Milk for the Newborn of a Woman Facing Mastectomy

Moms Rally to Donate Breast Milk for the Newborn of a Woman Facing Mastectomy

Having a baby puts you in touch with both your humanity and your vulnerability like nothing else in life. That's why California mom Jamie Cottrell Thomas' extraordinary story is both touching and relatable.

Thomas was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant and faced chemotherapy treatments during the pregnancy and a mastectomy after the birth. She was most devastated by the realization that she wouldn't be able to nurse her newborn, who would have a special need for breast milk's immunity boost, and reached out online to one of her favorite bloggers, Jill Krause of BabyRabies, to see if other new moms out there could help by donating breast milk.

The result astounded her: 180 ounces of frozen breast milk delivered to her home before baby Amelia-Rae was even born, with a promise of more to come. Krouse had rallied 100 women to contribute, with the first donations coming from women in a local mother's group, Orange County New Natural Moms.


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Would you donate breast milk if you had a surplus?

Image Source: Thomas family via TIME

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