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The 9 Moms You'll Meet at Your Child's Recital

Feb 16 2016 - 3:16am

There are many benefits to getting your child involved in the arts. It boosts their brainpower [1], gives them a creative outlet, and builds their confidence. The downside, however, is that you must mingle with some not-so-fun stage moms during the end-of-the-year performance. These ladies can be found at every recital, concert, or play, and some are much more bearable than others. Meet the nine moms that you're sure to encounter at your child's next big show.

Source: Lifetime [2]

The Diva

She thinks her child is the most talented in the bunch and, as a result, demands the royal treatment. If she is denied, then be prepared for a Dance Moms-style brawl.

Source: Lifetime [3]

The Negotiator

She can be found next to the tot that's throwing a tantrum about having to perform. Rather than pull her child from the show, she uses candy, TV time, and good old-fashioned pleading to convince them to get on stage.

Source: NBC [4]

The Waver

The minute her child takes the stage, she throws her hand in the air to get their attention. Sometimes it's returned with a wave, but it's more often met with eye rolls and groans.

Source: The CW [5]

The Videographer

She captures every moment of the show on her camera. Well, every moment that features her child.

Source: Giphy [6]

The Wincer

She knows when her child has made a mistake and lets everyone around her know with a facial expression.

Source: Universal Pictures [7]

The Mime

She performs her child's piece from her seat or on the side of the stage, just in case they forget a step or note.

Source: Paramount Pictures [8]

The Kiss-Up

She wants her child to be the star of the show and knows the best way to do that is by being the teacher's BFF.

Source: The CW [9]

The "Just Have Fun" Mom

She senses when a child is nervous and eases their concerns by reminding them that they don't have to be perfect — they just have to have fun!

Source: Lifetime [10]

The Cheerleader

Every mom in the audience takes on this role during the show. After all, we want our kids to know we're proud of them!

Source: NBC [11]

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