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Monkey Bar Buddies

Lil Find: Monkeybar Buddies

I will never forget those elementary school days when I wore a dress or skirt and forgot to wear my underwear covering shorts. The boys would dare me, "I bet you can't climb to the top of the poll!" Too smart for their antics, I'd decline the challenge and show them the following day that I could do it — pants and all.

Lil girls, especially those who wear skirted uniforms, will appreciate the creation of Monkeybar Buddies ($16). Unlike typical athletic shorts, Monkeybar Buddies don't bunch or stick to the outer layer making them comfortable and practically seamless. For colder days, they are available in legging length.

pfunk25 pfunk25 5 years
These are such a fab idea!! BUT they are way too expensive. I mean $16-18 a pair is insane. I just went to Target and bought 7 pairs of similar type shorts and it was only $21!!! Now my kiddo has enough knickers to last her a whole week for just about the same price! When these come WAY down in price I'll def consider them!
Rinne Rinne 9 years
I went to a Catholic all girls school for high school and we ALL wore shorts under our skirts. These are PERFECT! I definitely need to get some for my girls!
anniekim anniekim 9 years
My 4 year old will wear only dresses (sometimes I can coax her into a skirt) so shorts underneath are a must. I like these, but I can buy 4 pairs of similiar shorts at Target for the price of one pair of this brand. It's getting cold here in NE now, so we are transitioning over to leggings and tights.
Greggie Greggie 9 years
They're cute, but they look so much like boy shorts that it's still like seeing underwear. Just a little longer. However, I'd probably consider them once my daughter's in school.
chasingjamie chasingjamie 9 years
those are really cute :) I work at a Catholic school and the girls who DO remember to wear shorts get them all bunched up and half the time the shorts are too long and stick out under their dresses. this idea is great :)
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