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Morning Sickness Remedies 2010-06-01 12:00:09

iPhone App Designed to Curb Morning Sickness

Got morning sickness? There's an app for that! A British company claims their iPhone application can significantly reduce the nausea that is often associated with early pregnancy. Nevasic ($1) helps stabilize inner ear balance receptors by working specially engineered audio pulses into music. According to a small study conducted by the British National Health Service, nine out of 10 women saw the symptoms decline after listening to the tunes. Morning sickness sufferers are often willing to try anything to fend off daily bouts of nausea and vomiting. What do you think of this invention?

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brilliance13 brilliance13 6 years
ditto I wonder if it works! or if anyone has tried it yet?
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 6 years
Heck yeah I would have tried it! I would have bought an iPhone just to get that app! I had morning sickness for most of my pregnancy (I got a two-week break during the sixth month). 8 1/2 months of nausea is no fun. I remember the day my daughter was born, I was on my way to the doctor's office for an appointment. I thought, "I hope the baby is born today so I can finally stop being sick..."
Morning Sickness Remedies 2010-02-17 13:00:56
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