There's nothing like a first baby. Subsequent pregnancies are just as special, but it's the first nine months with child that make you a mother. You never forget the momentous occasions that happen during those 40 weeks, or in my case 42. Here are a few favorites . . .
Seeing the two pink lines!: Am I really pregnant? The moment was so surreal that I peed on at least half a dozen sticks, and then my husband took me to our hospital's urgent care to have it confirmed. It was official!
Dreaming about your darling: Will he or she look like me or my husband? I'd envision a baby boy eating cereal in his high chair or a little girl picking daisies and wonder who my child would be.
How big is my baby?: I consulted the week-to-week book and tracked my impending babe from the time it was the size of a pea to a pear to a cantaloupe. And, of course, updated all my friends and family members when they inquired.
To see the others,

The first heartbeat: Hearing the first strong heartbeat of my lil being was amazing and a big relief.
The name game: My husband I threw names back and forth and figured out why we loved or couldn't live with certain ones.
Fluttering: The first signs of movement when you wonder if it is or isn't the baby. And then you feel the kicks and jabs and know it's real. Once overdue, I could see my daughter's fist move beneath the skin of my belly.
The ultrasound: Even though it was hard to tell its limbs from its head from my uterus on the screen, we thought our baby-to-be was magnificent.
It's a girl!: The doctor told my husband to call "it" as our baby made its debut. I've never seen him more excited than when he shouted, "It's a GIRL!".
The short long ride home: The hospital released our new babe and we headed out into the real world very cautiously. Our lives were forever changed.