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The Most (Really) Embarrassing Things My Kids Have Said

The Most (Really) Embarrassing Things My Kids Have Said

"'Look! When I touch it, it gets all hard!' My 4-year-old son in the middle of a crowded shoe store touching... well, yeah."

One of the best things about children is their honesty. Well, except when it comes at the wrong moment. Charlotte Hilton Andersen, mother of three boys, shares ten of her kids' most embarrassing public blurts.

Read the whole story.

Have your kids ever embarrassed you in public?

Image Source: Yahoo! Shine

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PatriciaMunoz PatriciaMunoz 6 years
back when my son was @3...we were in the grocery store...i had forgotten something and cut thru the wine sons blurts loudly " Hey! this is where daddy gets his medicine!" ...another incident with my oldest son @3yrs old at the time(now 18) ..we were outside, waiting for a bus...and i wanted to smoke a cigarette then young son would mean to say"no smoking mama" but he couldn't say it right and it would come out "no foking mama" (which would shock a lot of people-till i explained ...then laughter)
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