The kindness of strangers makes the world go 'round. And, in this case it was a flier a mother saw at her children's elementary school that convinced her to give the greatest gift, that of life to an eight-year-old stranger.

After quickly researching the procedure and consulting her husband, Laura Bolan agreed to give Sarah Dickman her organ. According to an Associated Press article:

The suburban Atlanta girl was born with the genetic disease juvenile nephronophthisis, which slowly destroys the kidneys. Without treatment, it can kill a child before the age of 15.

To see what happened,


Laura and Sarah recently underwent surgery at hospitals across the street from each other and initial tests proved the transplant successful.

The lil girl is eager to get back to her favorite things — taking bubble baths, sleeping over at a friend's house and going to a rec center.

As to how you thank someone who saved your daughter's life, the article said:

"A thank-you doesn't fit for what she's doing," Joe Dickman said of Bolan. "She can call me at four in the morning for a gallon of milk. I don't care. I'm indebted to her for life."