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A Mother Reacts to the Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal

A Mother Reacts to the Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal

We've read a lot of stories in the last few days about the Sandusky case, but author Amy Wilson brings a different perspective to the table that of a mom.

Wilson believes that Sandusky chose a football locker room as the site for his sexual crimes against children because there were no women there to stop him, and because he understood on some level that his male colleagues would look the other way. "Even thirty years ago," she writes, "a mother in that locker room would not have witnessed that act and walked away. A mother would have not have left without that child. A mother would have asked him his name."

Read the whole story (Huffington Post Parents)

Do you agree that mothers are more likely to confront an abuser to help a child?

Image Source: Huffington Post via AP

pujanagpal97856 pujanagpal97856 5 years
not that a MAN would never...
pujanagpal97856 pujanagpal97856 5 years
To be fair ..the article asks if mothers are "more likely " to stop abuse vis-a-vis a man..I agree..not that a would never !! but chances are that more no. of women are likely to take action than the no. of men.
pujanagpal97856 pujanagpal97856 5 years
@ Annie Cannon..I would have done the exact SAME thing !! I would have also made sure that there was nothing left "there"
IreneOSullivan IreneOSullivan 5 years
he didn't abuse those boys in the locker room because there were no women, he did it because it was easy access to children and because he felt powerful and in control there. to say women would do something and men wouldnt is rediculous and takes focus off thehorrific things that did happen, women turn their backs all the time- often on their own children who one would think they would be more protective of not less- and there are many many men who would have done something if they had been there, men are not inherently evil and women inherently good!
ConnieMills95863 ConnieMills95863 5 years
I was just saying had I a mother of three boys would of seen that I would of stopped it, I would of asked the child his name wrapped him a towel and called the State Police and would of asked if he knew his phone number and called his mother this is so so sad that they covered it up that poor child as well as the other children he assulted this makes me sick.
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