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Mother Tries to Sell Baby to Pay for Disney World Trip

Mother Tries to Sell Baby to Pay for Disney World Trip

A trip to Disney World may be a dream come true, but at what price? Bridget M. Wismer, 33, a Delaware mother of three was arrested for selling her newborn baby in order to pay for a trip to Disney World. John F. Gavaghan, 54, purchased the baby, who was born in early September, so that he could "adopt" without having to go through a rigorous adoption procedure. Although he is unrelated to the child, Wismer had listed him as the birth father on her infant's birth certificate in anticipation of the sale.

The infant's grandmother called the police, which led to the arrests of both Wismer and Gavaghan. Both have been released on bail.

Gloria Hockman, director of communications for the National Adoption Center, commented to USA Today that attempts to sell infants are far more common that we'd like to think: "Lots of people are waiting in line for babies."

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Image Source: via USA Today

SondraOppedisano SondraOppedisano 5 years
This woman is Not Human! May she rot in Hell.
RichardCornell RichardCornell 6 years
Maybe society should prevent her from becoming a mother again. Who is the father of the child in the first place. Maybe it should also be ask who is the father of the other children. I wonder if she had started at a very young age having one child a year for money.
melissawells4378 melissawells4378 6 years
Sometimes it is best not to judge too harshly those we do not know anything about. We have no idea how this womans life is. If adoption is considered ok then why r people judging this woman so harshly ? maybe she has never had anything in her life and maybe her other children do not have much also so she saw an oppotunity 4 them to enjoy their life a bit. Im not saying this ok or anything i would do but each person has their own situation.
MaryChua MaryChua 6 years
Adoption is the legal way. Selling or directly getting money in exchange for the baby happened here in Taiwan also. A mother of three residing with husband gave up her baby daughter because she can't feed all children. The new parents must wait for the legalization of this type of adoption because the child is registered under the parents name.
KenishaBrown KenishaBrown 6 years
What is this world coming to? Obviously parenthood is a joke to some of these parents in the world. Children don't ask to be brought into this world. Some people can be so selfish. I really hope they give her some serious time, because no mother in their right mind would attempt to do this...
Dawncincotti Dawncincotti 6 years
we learned two things from this "woman"..1.There are some real horrible people out there! 2. Disney World is WAY too damn expensive!!
KrystalMann32384 KrystalMann32384 6 years
Mixedd feelings. Its sad the mother didnt want the baby...but....if the baby was going to a loving home...a couple that wanted a child....i dont really see the harm. It probably would have been better off. I ndont like to get the government involved in all my decisions either. I just think the grandma was perturbed it was a gay couple. Is the child really better off in foster care...switching from family to family instead of one nice couple that wanted it?
olokunolaabidemia olokunolaabidemia 6 years
dont let ur child decide 4 u about something they want.tell them about other varities places in u.pls punish d lady n d other man 2
MarianellaFlynn MarianellaFlynn 6 years
I can't believe the cold heartedness of this woman. I wonder what she was thinking?? A child is such a precious gift from God. To the baby: little love I wish you were mine. I would love you, nurture you and you would grow up to become a great human being!! May God bless you with a family & a mother who will adore you & cherish every moment with you!! You are a miracle, you are amazing just the way you are!! Lots of hugs & kisses to you!! May the angels watch over you & protect you always!!!
SarahFord35842 SarahFord35842 6 years
Oh my God! I hope the other children have been taken into protection also. She's obviously mentally unstable!
riturakesh riturakesh 6 years
this is very sad... poor baby .. we believe that mother is above to God even but this woman is not worth to call a mother.. how can she does to her own baby her own blood , own flesh..terrible...
MandyFreese MandyFreese 6 years
why did that man want a baby at his age? that's a little weird , and why are they both out on bond? criminal charges at LEAST on her?? where are her kids . . this story was too short .. . disgusting
elizabethstange elizabethstange 6 years
ummmmm not to be super rude but to the people that say that this is not that bad..... we have no idea who this man is that wanted this baby. that is the reason adoption processes are so long and intense and still we dont always know that the families are safe and loving. this poor baby could be going to a pedophile who knows! there are zero back ground checks on this kind of thing and if she didnt want to have her baby all she has to do is say so and give it up for adoption. at least then she would have peace of mind knowing that her baby is going to a safe place. selling it to some random person is selfish and heartless. she cares more about a trip to disney land than if her baby is going to be safe and loved and THAT is the disgusting part not that she is giving it up.
elizabethstange elizabethstange 6 years
OMG! thats so sad i hope that she never gets to see that baby again! i hate to think what kind of lives her other children live with a monster like that as a mom. so sad that our system is so over crowded and we cant step in sooner. i say cut back on funding to jails and more money towards social services so less people END UP in jail. poor little baby...............
ChristinaWannamaker ChristinaWannamaker 6 years
She'll get a slap on the wrists...
LindaXapa LindaXapa 6 years
GinaJames81717 GinaJames81717 6 years
MichelleLiddle18696 MichelleLiddle18696 6 years
How would you know if that man had the poor babies best interrest at hart.He could have been a peddafile or anything!!Either it's a horrid thing to do ,most new mums have nightmares about being seperated from their precious bubbs..:(
fionamcdermott fionamcdermott 6 years
Gob smacked a baby for a holiday? Sandwich short of picnic......sick really. At least she had tried to sort home out, be it through wrong channels, least the baby will have a good start now.
CoMMember13631025141391 CoMMember13631025141391 6 years
Org how could you do that about some people just don't deserve to have children
JessicaReeves32054 JessicaReeves32054 6 years
Well then this woman obviously doesn't care for her children at all. She sounds really selfish. Women like this need their uterus removed so they can't infect the human race with their neglectful child care. She doesn't deserve the gift of children therefore she should have the ability taken from her and imprisoned for child abuse.
AsheleyLazaro AsheleyLazaro 6 years
This woman doesn't deserve to even be called a mother.
ElisabethBateman ElisabethBateman 6 years
What the ?? How could you do that to your own child! That B**** that is just rediculous! She is crazy!!
NatalieSchwettman9586 NatalieSchwettman9586 6 years
Sick. Everything about this story is VERY sick to me.
DonnaHead13342 DonnaHead13342 6 years
How do you know he's not a pedo that disgusts me and make's me sick to my core stupid woman enjoy jail!
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