The realities of parenthood and raising baby are funny in their own right, so why do sitcom producers feel the need take them over the top? ABC's Notes From the Underbelly focused on the "ooh's," "ahhs," and "ails" of pregnancy, but in such an overdone manner that I found myself reaching for the remote. Then, the same network launched another promising show which incorporated the experiences of real women and featured a manny and single mothers. In the Motherhood debuted with a high-caliber cast, only to repeat the same backflips-over-the-sofa-to-pick-up-a-pacifier antics that had my eyes rolling. After airing a handful of ridiculous episodes, including one that outed Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny at 8 p.m., it has been canceled.

Recently, CBS announced that Accidentally on Purpose will be added to its Fall lineup. The series is based on the text of the same name by Mary Pols. I consider the book to be the mama of all pregnancy must reads, and have gifted it to several expectant friends because the author's witty account of her journey into motherhood resonates so deeply with anyone who reads it. It's a page turner that made me laugh, cry, and relate. I think that's the missing link that networks have forgotten about. Dramas like Thirtysomething and Once and Again had staying power because they kept viewers turned in to see what was about to unfold in their own lives and on the small screen.

What's your opinion of all these sitcom parenting shows?
Courtesy of ABC and Source