Lots of moms like to think out loud and Carri is one of them. In this post from her OnSugar blog Adventures in Mommyhood, she writes an open letter to her son about indecent exposure.
Dear Blake,

Mommy would like to start off by saying that she loves you. No . . . more like, she wuuuuuvvvssss you more than anything. OK?

Now, let's get down to business.

Mommy's boobies are not for public viewing. Maybe some members of the public don't mind seeing Mommy's boobies, maybe some of them do, but Mommy does not want to show them. Yes, the random strangers at the grocery store think it's funny when you pull down Mommy's tank top, grab a handful, and yell, "ball!". They laugh; you laugh; everyone laughs. Except Mommy. OK, maybe she laughs, too, but only to herself. Otherwise she would be constantly walking around with a boob out.


So from here on out, when you think to yourself that it may be funny to flash, squeeze, touch or otherwise bother Mommy's boobies, remember that she may not like it as much as you do.

Your broke, tired, and run down Mommy

P.S. "Uh oh!" only works when it's an accident.

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