When it comes to child custody, moms tend to have an edge on the competition. Judges often find them more capable and sometimes, dads agree and settle for either joint custody or visitation rights. However, there are cases where a father fights tooth and bone for his offspring and can win the court's decision if he shows all the right stuff.

One couple came to the end of their marital road and both decided their three boys would be better off living with the mother. As the dad moved south for a job, the mama found herself refereeing wrestling matches, fighting migraines and suffering panic attacks. At the point of a mental breakdown, she relinquished custody and shipped the young lads off to their father where he would raise them into fine young men.

While some might see the mother's actions as selfish, others may say she put the children's needs before her own. Would you give up custody of your babies if you knew their father was a more competent parent?