When filling out hospital or school forms, I always struggle with which box to check under "race/origin" because I'm a mutt. As a person of mixed race, I identify with three groups — Caucasians, Mexicans, and multiracial people. According to the latest census estimates, there are now roughly 5.2 million multiracial people in America, which is 3.4 percent more than last year.

In the past, children of different races may have had a tough time identifying with one particular group feeling like an outcast of both of their origins. As more couples have multiracial babies and famous people like President Barack Obama and Rosario Dawson hold the spotlight, the stigma will likely fade. Shared heritages are now being celebrated and honored, and before long, kiddos like Henry and Johan Samuel may not have to check a box at all, as the racial barriers will be watered down leaving less room for distinction.