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Parents Upset Over "My Little Pony" Makeover

It isn't the first time that a girl's toy has received a "makeover" to look sexier. But parents are up in arms over My Little Pony's disturbing changes, the Huffington Post reports. The new "Equestria Girls" are designed to expand the My Little Pony franchise and depict the characters as "glamorous" teenage girls in high school, toy maker Hasbro says. Yet parents say the toys look less like ponies and more like sexified teenage goth girls.

To view My Little Pony's evolution, read the whole story on the Huffington Post.

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LeslieBooker LeslieBooker 3 years
@CeciliaSmith34984, I totally disagree. Do you not think it possible that a 13 year-old is wearing a miniskirt simply to be trendy or stylish? When I was a kid, we wore short shorts ONLY and there was no reason to call ourselves sexy. As far as allure goes, that too doesn't have to be an expression of sexuality - it's a trait we all use as soon as we learn how to go for what we want. Puppydog eyes are allure... Innocence is innocence even when it's trying to grow up. I refuse to think alongside the rapist deciding one's clothing is an excuse for his judgement and/or arousal. "Well, she had on a miniskirt? She asked for it!" IMO, that's just continuing the demonization of women and girls for simply being female and expressing our femininity.
CeciliaSmith34984 CeciliaSmith34984 3 years
@LeslieBooker, 13 year olds don't belong in mini skirts to begin with. Theres an age for expressing sexuality, and that should AT THE LEAST be for when you can have sex. Why does a child have use for alure? My Little Pony was supposed to be simple and targeted to a certain age group. This Equestria Girls thing I'm not too sure about it but now days it seems like everything is growing up. That's the trend what can you do? Everything for the kiddies has to be more sexy, slimmer, growner with makeup ect. If I want that for a kid I just stick with giving little girls Barbies.
ilovemybaby15677 ilovemybaby15677 3 years
All these comments are very valid. If you don't like the dolls, you don't like the dolls. My little girl loves them so much. All of it; figures, castles, books, program... Why I am able to move past the overall weirdness of the talking pony or the new doll that looks like the modern day Newt is because of the story behind it all. Both the My Little Pony TV program and Equestria Girls movie is all rooted friendship although I'm not sure where magic comes in. But it still all promotes learning to be the best friend you can be. And while the Equestria girl does have a much different vibe than the pony, the story really is still very similar to all the other ones on TV. That's what we focus on. But I appreciate all of the thoughts on body image. It's important what we expose our kids to. It's just that the story is more important to her at the moment.
Melanee14773287 Melanee14773287 4 years
@the first comment.... THERE IS NO WAY U HAVE KIDS..... PERIOD....
LeslieBooker LeslieBooker 4 years
I'm not sure what the problem is. A lot of American teenagers dress like that - but what about it is THAT sexy??? Who gets turned on by a 13 year-old in a mini skirt? But then again, why are we surprised? There is little in American society that ISN'T promoting sexiness while labeled with a blaring understanding of "LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH!" The problem is we collectively shame our sexuality and stifle our true desires pretending none of us (including our children... who are master imitators) should ever want to be more alluring. If you don't like the dolls, don't buy them. #simple
SamanthaRucker1370895208 SamanthaRucker1370895208 4 years
I am glad I have a little boy. Boys have simple toys. Yay! :)
KelseyB82935 KelseyB82935 4 years
Its all about body image and beauty with girls toys. Pretty princesses, play make-up, etc. Everything that they eventually learn, not something they should be playing pretend as. Sorry..if I offend anyone, but young girls can grow up confident, smart, and strong individuals, if they dont pretend to be in some made-up princess story. Where are the values of kindness, respect, and empathy anymore........
DeeKonczal DeeKonczal 4 years
How does this doll look like a porn star? She's dressed like rainbow brite. More and more kids are influenced by their friends these days.or TV and music. Look at Nikki Minaj. And other women on TV who dress like her. And you're worried about a doll. dolls are toys, toys influence imagination & creativity.
LouisRossouw LouisRossouw 4 years
I don't like the Equestria Girls toys and would not buy them for my daughter, I don't think she would like them either same with those ugly goth like dolls. She loves mlp and we're watching the old stories of mlp and I must say the older ponies look so much prettier than the new ones. Why are the eyes so big, same with the new barbies, it's a mystery to me.
Jillian39468 Jillian39468 4 years
I think the equestria dolls look creepy. I don't want them in my house in the same way that I don't want any of the dolls that giggle or cry when you walk past them in a store toy aisle in my house, they just creep me out. Because of this I have forbidden just about everyone I know from informing my 9 year old "my little pony has been my favoritest favorite thing ever since I was 6 months old" son that these exist, and definitely from buying them, cause they are just scary. lol But, I don't actually see anything WRONG with them at all, I just don't personally like them, again, due to the creepy factor, so I don't want to buy them. I'm fine with them being offered and with parents who do like them buying them for their kids. I do not think the line needs pulled based on me not caring for it. There would be way fewer toy options if it worked that way, cause I can think of many many things I would of pulled by now...
April14377653 April14377653 4 years
Haha, when this page loaded, my 4yo came up behind me and declared, " I like those goth dolls, mummy!" Didn't even know she knew the word 'goth' lol
trisha57940 trisha57940 4 years
What's the big deal. I think there cute. I grow up with M.L.P. and now I have a elementary school age daughter and I see nothing wrong in buying her this toy. Its up to the parents to show there children right from wrong and to control what they watch. If this doll distracts my daughter from TRYING to watch t.v. then its worth buying it. Also parents sit down with your children and play with them who cares if is dolls or cars. Just spend time and listen to them.
CateyHamilton CateyHamilton 4 years
Ugh. Grow up. It's a doll. If you make sure your kid knows it's just a stupid doll, they won't have problems. Raise your own damn kids, stop letting TV raise them, and step in to teach them.
Jeff14748051 Jeff14748051 4 years
Ok. not a woman here or female but I have to weigh in on this. Do you guys even know what the hell they are talking about?? It's a movie where Twilight Sparkle crosses over to this world to track down her crown that was stolen. It's an ALTERNATE world where you find the Ponies as Human girls in middle to early high school. This is a one shot deal nothing more. My Daughter enjoyed watching the Movie.
Megan34833 Megan34833 4 years
Amanda, the reason that the US is seeing a rise in teen moms isn't because of the Equestria MLP dolls, it's because of the US refusing to teach proper sex ed classes in their schools. I live in Canada, the way I see it, if your kid is getting their sex ed from a toy you haven't been doing your job properly. It's up to a parent to be a parent, not the media.
AmandaS24396 AmandaS24396 4 years
@JenniferCorter, Wow you just called most of these moms stupid. I don't get why you would do that when they are voicing their opions, which is what this site is all about! Don't like then don't read their comments! Works both ways. Anyways I don't like the new dolls, My LIttle Pony has always been about ponies not people (Or what ever the are suppose to be) There are way to many shows that deal with high school and what happens when you get there. Young girls don't need to watch shows geared to older viewers and that what this sounds like, trying to make young girls grow up! I played with both barbie and Ponies, but i have to say today the clothing has gotten shorter, and more low cut. I have self asteem issues because all the dolls out there are when I was growing up were supper skinny, long beautiful hair and I wanted to be just like that but I never have been. Girls would tease me that I was fat and ugly and these are just going to make it harder for the average girl to be happy with who they are. You want to give ponies a makeover, lets make over weight, or disabled poines or ponies who have a mental disablity. I was so happy when I saw a wheel chair for dolls at Toys r us. If the show dealed with these issues I could care less if they were these half ponies half human characters. But in the show now all of them are soo popular and good to shoses, lets make a show for kids that helps them grow and understand that not everyone is the same, but that dressing like a hoochie isn't the answer. I see to many young girls wearing mini skirts or crop tops or tops that show everything that I see why we are having a rise in Teen Moms, and child porn. Ours kids haven't been show what is right and what is wrong and how to respect themselves.
Auroarah3919400 Auroarah3919400 4 years
Looks like the took leftovers from Monster High and altered the ponies. IT's a shame that they did this. They have been and are supposed to be Ponies, not Pornies. I think Hasbro should rethink this and if they want to make them more Teen like, make them sleeker Horses that are taller and more mature like a horse should be with a touch of glamour.
Monika1367595434 Monika1367595434 4 years
Is this a joke???
JoyChauncey JoyChauncey 4 years
I agree this make over of the my little pony is disgusting it no longer looks like a sweet pony but a porn star, not something little girls should play with!!
BonnieAnderson11938 BonnieAnderson11938 4 years
Looks like a dolled up alien horse person. Weird.
verdicolibri verdicolibri 4 years
My daughter plays with the old My Little Ponies and loves them. She creates lots of different stories and likes their names, like 'Rainbow Dash'. The toys are plastic, but the simple nature themes of their names and the sweet qualities of their faces are endearing. I do feel sad that the mainstream toy industries are mostly producing plastic toys made with toxic chemicals. These toys are not biodegrade and do not have the same rich tactile experience that can feed young minds like wooden, felt, or cloth toys have. They don't age with beauty or character, either. They do not make pretty heirlooms. The simple versions of the ponies give room for the imagination. This new pony design looks more teen related. There is emphasis on fashion. This does not need to be a focus for young kids. The subtle messages that kids get about consumerism and sexuallity do influence their views of the world and what we think is important. I see no need to make more plastic 'junk' that really has no redeming message. I am sure my daughter would want to play with this new unfortunate-looking pony, but this would not validate the toy as something that contributes to a vision of the world that I would like to pass on to my daughter. Sure, its no big deal, just a sad reflection of what this culture's mainstream is deaming important. As well as a continued step in the direction of overflowing toxic landfills and polution of our beautiful home. Let's get these kids out side to play in the dirt! Rocks and sand and water are fine toys!!! They just don't fill the pockets of corporations that have nothing invested in our children's futures.
Elissa14747357 Elissa14747357 4 years
It takes a village to raise a child. And children, despite it being the "sole responsibility of the parent" to teach them their morals and beliefs, are GOING to learn from their community. The argument that there is an up rise in teen pregnancy and it's all the parents' fault is quite frankly ludicrous. Children don't just do what their parents tell them. Yes, they are a major influential factor, I will not deny that. Kids have their own personalities and they choose what to listen to. They aren't programmable little robots, they are people. Parents work for a living and so time they would devote to them and their morals and beliefs are taken up by their commitment to their financial obligations. SEX is normal, SEX is not bad, SEX is the physical act of Love. My Little Pony and The Equestria Girls aren't going to perverse your kids and turn them into sex fiends. If SEX weren't such a hot topic and we regarded sex as the normal function that it is, there wouldn't be such a fascination with it. PLAIN AND SIMPLE PEOPLE. Being awkward and demeaning about an image that is very plainly promoted in Western Society will make children, who want to be independent and CONSTANTLY test boundaries, more interested in learning about and taking part in this taboo image and the act itself. You tell a kid, no, that's not safe for you, that's not good for you, that's gross...their natural inquisitor will want to know WHY. And if you don't tell them, or you dramatize it - as has been customary - they will only become more intrigued. A damn pony can't be sexy, or if it can, then we're crossing over into some realm of beastiality that I'm sure most of you would loathe to be apart of. Instead of frantically battling things that make you feel awkward or "disgusted", try to promote the things that you find to be appealing and comfortable without comparison. Your kids are going to decide for themselves. If you don't like their decision, discuss it with them. I would shy away from demonizing their choice, though, as it may just bring about resentment which doesn't breed good things. Honesty is the BEST thing for your kid. If you deceive them to "protect" them or yourselves from "shattering their innocence" or whatever nonsense you want to tell yourself to keep from laying the truth bare, you are PROMOTING deception and/or turning a blind eye to a child with questions. A curious kid is going to find out one way or another. It is up to everyone that kid deems a role model to show this kid what is what, not dress things up. LOL and My Little a cute little toy that has nothing to do with sex. In my opinion, anyway haha.
Kat11964 Kat11964 4 years
I have to admit, I don't like these dolls or the message they send. I thought people were nuts for having this conversation about Barbie(r), But the whole big head, little body, manga character thing as a whole (not just this product-Bratz(r), etc.) is kinda annoying and trashy... and this coming from someone who hung out with the goth kids in High School.
NancyBartlett NancyBartlett 4 years
Totally unnecessary! It's no longer a pony! It's just another sexy doll. I find it completely disgusting!
Megan34833 Megan34833 4 years
Some people have way too much time on their hands and need to stop spending so much of it working on being offended. Good Lord get a life!
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