My Sister's Keeper is a must see for mothers. Bring a box of tissues and prepare to empty your tear ducts during the entire experience. Unlike most films that escalate this one puts a lump into your throat just moments after starting. Cameron Diaz plays a pretty convincing Sara Fitzgerald, an attorney and mother of two who finds out her young daughter, Kate (Sofia Vassilieva), has cancer and her slightly older son, Jesse (Evan Ellingson), is not a donor match. So to save the child's life, Sara and her husband, Brian (Jason Patric) genetically conceive another baby, Anna (Abigail Breslin).

After eleven years of surgery and of donating body parts to her older sister, Anna hires a lawyer and sues her parents for the right to her own body. Sara is torn between the love she has for all her kids and the need to keep Kate (who needs a kidney) alive. It's hard to digest the tearjerker, and the powerful scenes played out at times with just looks between characters and not feel their pain, their confusion and love, and wonder as a parent what you would do. If you found out your child were terminally ill, would you genetically engineer another to save his or her life?

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Source: Warner Bros.