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My Top 5 Motherhood Moments

My Top 5 Motherhood Moments

At the risk of sounding like my mom, I’ve come to realize our kids do grow up so fast. Even though some of the moments (like the teen years), can seem brutally drawn out, my mom was right. One moment my kids were just babes in arms, and the next they are walking, talking...and then marching onstage for their high school diplomas, hoisting a futon and my life savings into the rear of the SUV, and heading away to college. And all of these milestones have been such tearjerkers for me.

All of these moments – their first steps; their first words, etc., are events that we moms long for, but when they finally happen we are sobbing wrecks. I've shed a bucket or two raising three kids; here are the milestones I've found to be the most emotional.

1. Firsts

Smiling, laughing, rolling over, talking and walking their first year: The first smile is a moment moms dream of. I’ll never forget when my son was born and the doctor and nurses rallied around his incubator proclaiming: “this kid is rolling over.” A jock is born, flashed through my mind. When my oldest daughter uttered “Mama,” my heart exploded with joy. And when my baby, now in college, turned her giggle into a guffaw, laughing and laughing at her siblings, it made me weep.


2. Hurts

Would that we could raise our kids in an emotional cocoon. The first time I realized I couldn’t protect my kids from life’s hurts took place at my oldest daughter’s two-year-old birthday party. I remember sitting in the kitchen with the other moms and smiling with glee as pint-sized kids in costumes (her birthday falls near Halloween) raced down the hall to the bedrooms. Suddenly there was my little pink tutu-clad ballerina and she was crying. The other kids had raced into her room and left her standing outside in the hall on the other side of the door. My heart broke, foreshadowing many heart-tugging moments to come.


3. School Beginnings and Endings

Nothing brings tears to a mom’s eyes like leaving a sobbing preschooler who is holding onto your arm with all his might screaming “Mommy don’t leave me!" I still choke up when I revisit those first school days — and every time I walked out the door and left my toddlers with a babysitter. But then fast-forward, suddenly your youngest is decked out in cap and gown and walking down the aisle of the high school gym with a diploma in hand. Kleenex please.

4. Sports Drama

Standing on the sidelines witnessing your son wipe out on the soccer field and accompanying him to ER with the paramedics can make a mom’s heart tremor. Comforting a daughter when she doesn’t make the tennis team cut also pains, and watching a coach scream at your kid— that one brings out the Mother Bear in me.


5. Departures

The hardest moments, at least for me, have been facing the "roots and wings" milestones, when it's time to let the little ones fly from the nest. All through high school and curfew violations, teen temper tantrums and dealing with moods, I thought I would welcome college. But the whole time I was setting up the IKEA-coordinated bedding and fumbling with the steel futon in my kids' new door rooms, then hugging them and heading home by myself, I felt differently.

I remember calling my sister after dropping off my son a couple years ago and sobbing, only to have her remind me: “You said all through high school how college couldn’t come soon enough.” And yet it did.

Which milestones have been the most emotional for you?

Image Source: Ann Praver via Flickr/Creative Commons

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DanielleStockdale DanielleStockdale 5 years
My daughter is 42 with two little ones and she needs me more than ever ( and yes, she does have a husband) don't cry!...They always need you; they never totally grow up and they never outgrow their need for Mom!
AmyStrickland9657 AmyStrickland9657 5 years
I wish I wouldn't have read this...I started crying and feeling like I never want to do the housework again until their all grown and have kids of their own.
BethPhelps BethPhelps 5 years
Loved this. My hardest was when my daughter was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome 2 years ago at the age of 10 and finding out that it is genetic and I was the gene. Then my son had a 50/50 chance and the following year he was a positive and I also have this but didn't know it until they were diagnosed. It is a genetic connective tissue syndrome. It could be worse but it sure doesn't seem that way at times.
RanaKhoury RanaKhoury 5 years
i ve also tears in my eyes, but this is life, and we can't do anything to avoid any of them, we just have to enjoy every moment with our kids, because it will never go back.
SherryGebhardt SherryGebhardt 5 years
All of them:(
sharminisharm sharminisharm 5 years
I remember telling my eldest son to be strong & that he's a big boy when he started screaming his lungs on his first day at playgroup. But I walked out crying thinking its soo painful to see my little one like that!!
VidyaVipin VidyaVipin 5 years
have tears in my eyes
CoMMember13613801521313 CoMMember13613801521313 5 years
My little girl is turing two next month and it seems just like yesterday I found out i was prego for her . Shes my best friend . I am prego with another little girl right now and I am so exited but so scard that my first is gonna feel like shes left out. Right now my first daughter and I are buddies she is my best friend I hope that my second is also my best friend , Its just hard to belive that my baby is going to be a big sister and that shes growing up. I told my huby that when the girls leave for collage i am going with them. I hate being without my first for any amount of time and ik i feel that way for my new baby as well. I aked my daughter if mommy could go with her she said mamma go bye bye with me huh lol
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