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N.J. Mom Goes Into Labor on a Commuter Train

N.J. Mom Goes Into Labor on a Commuter Train

What would you name a baby who insists on a super fast birth  on a commuter train?

Rabita Sarker went into labor on Monday on the New Jersey PATH as she and her husband were traveling from N.J. to Manhattan for a checkup at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital. When it became clear that her baby was coming out, other passengers, including an elderly woman, stepped up to help deliver the infant.

The Sarkers have not yet named their son, but his nickname is "Jhatpat," which is Hindi!

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Was your baby born extremely quickly or in an unexpected place?

Image Source: via Ny Daily News

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SusanWainwright SusanWainwright 5 years
I had a check up 11 days before due date. The midwife found me to be walking around in no pain.. 6cm dilated. They let me go home that night, but rang me in the morning worried that the baby would come in the car ride and that my husband wouldnt cope as the hospital was 1 hr away. They waited for twins to be born next-door. Then broke my waters and my 2nd daughter came in 2 hours & 2 pushes. Different to my first 6 hours & 45 mins of pushing. I'm wondering how I'll go with #3.
CoMMember13628584052186 CoMMember13628584052186 5 years
I was pregnant with twins and since baby B was breech they had me scheduled for a c-section on December 4th. I got up and was getting ready to head to the hospital and as I was doing my hair I had a back spazum and 5 minutes later baby A was born on my bathroom floor. 15 minutes later baby B was born in the ambulance. Needless to say I made it to the hospital at the time I was suppose to be there for my c-section with all the work done and 2 healthy babies.
CeciliaKlember CeciliaKlember 5 years
My third child was born in our brand new minivan on the way to the hospital. She came so quickly, we only made it ten minutes down the road and my husband had to deliver her. Less than two hours after the contractions started.
CoMMember13629318676464 CoMMember13629318676464 5 years
My second child was born 1-1/2 hrs after my contractions started. My husband and daughter were out shopping @ a hr away & almost didn't make it to the hospital in time for the birth. I had to drive myself to the hospital or I would have wound up having the baby at home alone! Luckily the hospital is only 5 minutes away from my house. By the time the ER nurse wheeled me up to labor & delivery I was 10 cm dialated & they said no time for an epidural. There pushes & my daughter was born healthy. VERY fast labor & delivery (& very painful). Better than very long & painful delivery :)
EliseVincent70026 EliseVincent70026 5 years
My 2nd born daughter was born in out car. I had inconsistent contractions throughout the night, but was still able to sleep! When I got up @ 6:45am the next morning, my water broke & we made it to the hospital parking lot with her head fully out. A nurse (whom my husband ran inside the hospital to get for me) delivered her in the passenger seat of our 2 door Honda civic @ 8:32am. Less than 2 hours of labor & pushing! Very fast!!!
MargenaHolmes MargenaHolmes 5 years
With my first child, a daughter, I was induced, but with both my boys, labor occurred naturally, and both were at or under two hours. My first son was almost born on the freeway, but with the second, we knew not to wait!
PamHenderson23039 PamHenderson23039 5 years
I was born aboard a Pan American Airliner over the Pacific Ocean on January 20, 1956 and 3 months premature. my parents(still living) were on their way to Hawaii and the plane had to turn around and landed safely in San Francisco worn an extra passenger!! Good job mother!!!
PatriciaGallagher PatriciaGallagher 5 years
with my second daughter i went to hospital at 10pm, they said i was only 1cm and did i wish ti go home for a while as we are only ten mins away i refused, my little girl was born at 00.45. so 2h 45 mins is very good!!
KarenS90221 KarenS90221 5 years
I was induced with 3 of 5 of my children. My daughter, the 4th baby, was induced. From the time they put the needle in for the IV, to the time she was born, it took 1 hour 57 minutes. Too fast for me! (The poor lady in the room beside mine pushed for over 3 hours and still no baby)
JessicaKozel JessicaKozel 5 years
My waters had broken the night before, and I labored all night at home, and by 6 am my hubby pretty much had to drag me to the hospital because I was in a lot of pain but still refusing to go. By the time we got to the hospital and checked in, I was 9 cm dilated, my midwife assessing me fully dilated me to 10 cm, and right away I felt the urge to push. 30 mins later, my beautiful baby girl was born :) This was a super quick birth compared to my boys at 2.5 hrs of pushing for both! And much longer labors as well.
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