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The Anti-Teen-Pregnancy Campaign That's Causing an Uproar

A new public education campaign to decrease the number of teen pregnancies in New York City is causing an uproar from both teen moms and Planned Parenthood. The campaign, which focuses on the challenges faced by teen mothers and their children, includes a poster that reads, "I'm twice as likely not to graduate high school because you had me as a teen." Another says, "Honestly Mom . . . chances are he won't stay with you. What happens to me?"

Haydee Morales, vice president for education and training at Planned Parenthood of New York City, told The New York Times, "Hurting and shaming communities is not what's going to bring teen pregnancy rates down." Others are criticizing the campaign for showing the negatives of teen pregnancy without providing alternatives and helpful resources.

Would you like your kids to be exposed to this campaign?

AprilKerr AprilKerr 4 years
To the teen mom Tracy I give you kuddos.
AprilKerr AprilKerr 4 years
OK I am a mother and none of my children were born while I was a teen,however I find these posters in poor taste. Shame never brings back values only true parenting will do that. Abstinance can work if you but not the way the schools teach it,and they need to know when abstinance isn't the road they wanna take you have to be open to hear that. I was surprised recently when I asked a young girl who was very sexually active at 14 if she had talked to her mom.Her response was "we haven't had THE talk yet". Come on mom's it isn't one talk it is on going not for days but for years. You need to share your kids head spaceYes I am the parent but sex is a buzz word where I take off that mommy hat.I have to my 4 girls and one sons life depend on it.Sex isn't just a physical thing it is emotional and each time your little girl has sex with the wrong boy she is leaving a piece of her emotional self with them.So stop judging and start talking.Pregnancy is not a road block it is a detour life does go on however it is much harder and the course is never the same.Mom stop saying not my girl and ask her. Talk to her without judging her.The more you are comfortable the more she will be and the more likely she will come to you if she needs birth control.Stop just saying don't they need to know why,and pregnancy and STD's are played out because no one thinks it is going to happen to them.
PaigeWhittington PaigeWhittington 4 years
If I am having [unsafe] sex as a teenager and not paying attention to biology/reproduction, then WHY would this campaign work? Either the teen parents won't care if the baby graduates or not, or (in the case of the poster depicting "he's gonna leave you") the teen mother will probably think she's immune because she's in love and her man couldn't possibly leave her. Again, or she won't care if he does. Abstinence only sex ed DOESN'T WORK. While I believe that sex ed is primarily the responsibility of caring parents, I think schools should also educate these teens about reproduction. That isn't just for preventing teen pregnancy but unwanted pregnancy in general. There are so many posts from men and women (teens into late twenties) asking "Can this get me/my girl pregnant?" In this modern and educated society, we shouldn't have this many unwanted pregnancies or misinformation about how pregnancy occurs. While we are planning on teaching our son it's better to wait until he's married (or at least older), we will explain how sex and pregnancy works, to avoid any 'surprises'. Instead of shaming or saying 'just don't have sex' let's be realistic and give people INFORMATION. For the sake of our kids - and theirs.
AimeePembleton AimeePembleton 4 years
I wonder if the teen mom's would of thought differently had they seen this ad just before they had gotten pregnant? Anti smoking adds don't work for all but it does work for some, this ad will work the same way. I think in this tv reality world that we live in we need something shocking to counter act the whole I get to be on tv if I have a baby.
CoMMember13610061145231 CoMMember13610061145231 4 years
Statistics also show an increased chance for the child to grow up in poverty. My mom was a teen mom, my parents were married and divorced when my brother and I were very young. My mother raised us as a single mom. I waited until I was 25 to have my first child, and am and always have been a single mom. Yes my kids are growing up in poverty also. I grew up in poverty as well. Having children at a young age presents a lot of risks. I think that these teenagers need to understand the ramifications of their actions and choices.
Nathan14328311 Nathan14328311 4 years
"without providing alternatives" who the hell needs an explanation? The alternative is don't get pregnant. If you can't be bothered to learn how your own body gets pregnant and how to prevent it then you can't be bothered to have a successful life.
CherraBradfordSmith CherraBradfordSmith 4 years
If I'm properly parenting my teenagers this ad won't matter one way or the other. As a result put the ads where u want. I do wonder who is the targeted audience for this ad? If this ad is intended for minority teens in a certain geographical location my suggestion would b to dig deeper for the root cause then a more favorable preventative ad may be born
MollyFarler MollyFarler 4 years
These are facts folks. Why sugar coat the truth to not hurt the feelings of those folks who did get pregnant (get someone pregnant) as a teen? These are cold hard facts. While some who posted here are the minority who are raising successful students, it doesn't change that they are the minority. Perhaps coddling & denying the facts is why you ended up pregnant.
ChristinaVeysey ChristinaVeysey 4 years
This is appalling. I was a teen mother. I may be the minority, but all 3 of my children will graduate. My oldest is a vet student, my middle is studying business and my third is almost a junior in HS. It is all in parenting and support systems. Instead of putting people down maybe they should look into more programs to help teen moms and I don't mean reality tv shows.
Julieann31394 Julieann31394 4 years
Some of you teen parents need to put your hackles down. Yes, there are some good teen parents, but there are many more that aren't becuase they simply are not equipped at that age. Without life experience to guide a child. Without material resources to provide for a child. If you can't see that it's NOT in a baby's best interest to be born to a teenager, then you need time to mature and widen your view of your world. Teens are naturally focused on themselves. They need the insight of older people to open their eyes and guide them.
Tanisha14316752 Tanisha14316752 4 years
I believe they should come up with a different ad. I had my daughter at 16, she is 9 now & is on the honor roll. I went to high school with children who had both parents in the home & they did not graduate HS... I hate false information. Although I don't condone teen pregnancy, this doesn't cut it. They need to state facts like... "Your life is no longer just about you" "While you're friends are away for summer break, you may be taking frequent trips to the doctor or getting up in the middle of the night" .... things like that...
JenD37146 JenD37146 4 years
I would love for my teens to see this ad. In fact, I'm going to show it to them. For years we've been making the argument that if we "destigmatize" teen parents then things will get better for them. That's obviously not working and not true. Teen parents struggle because it's difficult for a single parent of any age to support a child, emotionally and financially. And teens have the additional problem of having very little education or experience to help them out in life. Destigmatizing doesn't change that. There's no point in sugar-coating. What the ad says is TRUE, and teens should be thinking about these things before they act irresponsibly. IF my child were to get pregnant (or get someone pregnant) THEN I would be supportive and try to help them make the best decisions for themselves and their child, and do everything in my power to help them beat the odds that those statistics portray. But I'd much rather they understand that teen pregnancy is not glamorous or fun BEFORE they get to that point, and make choices that will lead to a better, happier life for themselves and their future children.
MeredithSather MeredithSather 4 years
This is no more shocking than the high schools dragging a car wrecked by a drunk driver to the front of the school during homecoming and prom to scare them into not drinking and driving. Nor is it more shocking than my 8th grade science teacher who showed us slides of people who had parts of their face missing because of skin cancer. Teens react to shocking, in-your-face things. I see no problem with this. They are facts. I say do what works. Some teens might blow these ads off, but some teens will take them to heart. You gotta do what works!
darlenealmaraz darlenealmaraz 4 years
Wish they'd do it everywhere!
darlenealmaraz darlenealmaraz 4 years
Sometimes the truth hurts . The truth is the children would be at a disadvantage . Teens need to understand they r in no position to get pregnant. They think its a doll n their playin house. It's no game. They do need to be educated, the schools n the church aren't doing it, someone has to! I commend this effort at educating teens. More please! In fact I'd love to help!
jane93852 jane93852 4 years
An ad campaign doesn't have to appeal to all teens. With the outragous teen pregnancy problem we have in the USA, it will be beneficial if it appeals to SOME of the teens. And why is there all this concern with sheltering them from factual information? If they think they are ready to be somebody's parent, they are eady to realize how their decision may effect the life of the baby and child they are creating. (if fact...the more facts we can teach them, the more likely they are to make well informated decisions.)
DaineenDrayton DaineenDrayton 4 years
Planned Parenthood would be one of the first to speak out against such a campaign. It cuts in on the profit they make from all the helpless little unborn babies they abort. Please raise your children to make choices that would please God. And if your teen does have an unplanned pregnancy they must understand that the life inside of them God has already laid out. God knows each and every one of us BEFORE we were knit in our mothers womb. Support them and help them to raise your grandchildren. God is
DianeSower DianeSower 4 years
Yes, I'd show this to my kids and their kids as well, because it is truthful advertising. It's a fact, if you get knocked up as a teen and choose to keep the baby, which is a horrible injustice for him/her, you are less likely to go to college, and you child is more likely to do exactly what you did. It boggles my mind that teens cannot fathom loving a child enough to give him to a family that can really and truly provide everything he needs, as well as a relationship with bio mother. Everyone wins with that scenario.
FrancinePrevost FrancinePrevost 4 years
I've seen first hand what happens when you have a child as a teen with some of my cousins and let me tell you the grandparents are the ones left raising these babies because the teens/parents really don't know anything about raising them or even taking care of them. So yes, I'm all for this kind of advertising because as of today 2013, teens still don't want to educate themselves about being sexually active, using birth control because they think it will never happen to them, or even knowing what it takes to raise a child as a teen. It takes only 1 time of being sexually active and becoming pregnant.
TracyStuart TracyStuart 4 years
The question in the article says "Would you like your kids to be exposed to this campaign?" As a once upon a time teen parent (my son is now 16), I would definitely want him exposed to this but not for the reasons they intended when making this campaign. I want my son to see the kind of negativity teen parents go through even when people know nothing about them but their age. I've been attacked more times than I can say simply because my son exists. Campaigns like this also give children of teen parents excuses to not do well and to even drive a wedge between parent and child. I want my son to see a teen parent and think nothing of it. I want him to realize that most of the time "those" parents are struggling and fighting every day just for a little recognition that they aren't the shittiest parents on the planet. How about instead of the negativity in the ads, lets try education and portraying a real future for our children. Those are the two most proven methods of deterring teen pregnancy. I tell my son that there is a man I want him to meet. He's young, he's independent, funny, smart, and has every choice available to him in life. It's him. But that man can so easily be thrown away or lost through impulse decisions like drugs, alcohol, sex. I want him to be excited to meet that man too. I told him that I never got to meet that version of me. I went from crazy and impulsive teen to being someone's mother which meant that all my decisions were for another person and not myself. I wonder what that carefree person might have been like but I will never know because I never cared to think through my actions. How about ads like that? Don't just tell the kids how bad things will be on a certain road but give them hope for another road altogether.
TracyStuart TracyStuart 4 years
Are you kidding me cat and Christina? Just throwing shame out there doesn't help with anything. First of all, the type of teen parent that you describe is exactly the type that won't give a crap about whether that kid graduates high school in the first place. All these types of ads do is attack and shame the teen parents out there who are doing everything they can to be good parents. Part of the reasons that statistics can be so negative towards teen parents is because of negativity and backlash that is found in these ads as well as a lack of positive support around them - the kind that older moms often receive from friends and family. I was a teen mother as were most of my friends. You will find a wide variety of mother types among us. There are friends of mine who dumped their kids with grandparents so they could run off and have fun. But the majority of us - and the majority of teen moms I have met in my life - are really trying hard and just want the best they can provide. Life doesn't make promises as to how things will play out. I had my son when I was 17. I was single because the father didn't stay (or should I say that *I* didn't stay because he wouldn't grow up despite being seven years older than me). I worked hard, went to school and always took my son's best interest in mind. My parents would try to push me to go out once in a while but I refused. I refused to even go out with friends after my high school graduation ceremony. My place was/is with my son. I had my own place and we were doing well. I didn't date at all because I didn't want men in and out of my son's life. Admittedly, one man snuck up on me as a friend at school and we later married - only after I received my son's permission and acceptance to bring him into our family. My son is a straight A student (as are many of my once-teen-parent friends' kids). Do you really think that negative campaigns like this help the parents like us - the majority of teen parents? And, if I may say, the friends of mine who did wait to have kids until late 20's or even their 30's... there is a vast variety of types of mothers in this group too. One "friend", despite 25 years of friendship with her, I refuse to be around any more because I cannot stand how hateful she is towards her children. I WISH she would dump her kids and run. They would have a shot at life instead of being told how dumb they are or untrustworthy they are every day. Do you think age had anything to do with their parenting abilities? Of course not. Someone who will be a good parent will be a good parent no matter what their age. The question becomes: are you going to tear down another parent when we should be helping each other?
DarleneWilson DarleneWilson 4 years
I don't think shaming teens is going to help with teen pregnancy. Do anti smoking poster deter smoking in teens? I think if you really want teens to be more cautious, then they should be become Mom for a day...not with an egg or one of those life like dolls either, I think they should follow a Mom around who has a colic baby. They should hear real life stories from real life teens who have had babies too early and see how tough it really is. Also we can't dismiss the teen's parents in this situation. They should not be raising there grandchildren, they should be guiding their teen into raising their own child. Teens and children these days have too many things handed them, and have their parents fight their battles. Teens and children need to learn to fend for them selves, and solve their own problems. Anyway, off my soap box.
cat6meow cat6meow 4 years
It's about time they smack the reality of teen pregnancy. Raising a baby while your a teenager is so hard and then when the mom turns 21 she wants to party...but what about her kids??? It's the grandparents that end up raising the grandchildren. Not fair to the kid or the grandparents.
ChristinaWaters31188 ChristinaWaters31188 4 years
I hate to say it, but sometimes people just need to be told the truth. Sugar coating it isn't the way to go because all it does is make it seem better, when the underlying truth will smack you hard. No, we aren't used to it because society sugar coats everything nowadays, but I'm all for it. I've seen what having kids as a teen does to young girls. Plenty of my friends had their kids in high school. I had my daughter at 20 and my son at 23, but I also graduated high school at 17 years old and had been on my own for 3 years with a job and going to college. Strike fear into them. I plan on doing that to my kids when they get into their teens too.
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