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NYC Teacher Limits Students' Bathroom Time

Hold It! That's What One Teacher Is Telling Students

How long can your child hold it? If she's in Stephanie Warner's class at a Brooklyn elementary school, let's hope she can hold it for a while!

The fifth-grade teacher has enacted a new policy to keep kids sitting at their desks and out of the bathroom. At the start of each week, the teacher hands out three bathroom passes to each student in the class. The kids then have three windows throughout the day during which they can use the vouchers to visit the restroom. If the tots still have their passes at the end of the week, they can trade them in for small prizes like pencils and erasers. According to one of the students, the teacher started the new program "because some kids just go for fun. They just want to skip class."

Though New York public schools do not have a bathroom limit policy, parents are up in arms complaining that their children's health — bladder infections and more — is at stake. The school's principal has put an end to the program following the uproar, but I want to know — do you agree with the teacher's reasoning behind instituting the policy?

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Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 5 years
Lickety that's a real good point about periods, and those girls would be so young they wouldn't even know their schedule well, so they'd need to check their pad/tampon 2-3 times a day. I see where the teacher is coming from, it's not like these are kindergartners who will wet their pants if they can't go and it's not like she never lets them go, and if kids are abusing the privilege just to goof off then something needs to be done. But I agree this is the wrong way to deal with it, and she sounds like a total control freak. Maybe individually dealing with the students who abuse the privilege would be a better idea.
lickety-split lickety-split 5 years
this is not new. my 5th grader got 3 passes for the entire year. the policy has been in effect since 1st gade at my children schools. not an issue for 2 of them, but for the 3rd it is. so i get a note from her MD at the beginning of the school year saying she needs to go when ever she wants to go. that takes care of it, and she does not abuse the privilege. there are girls that have their perids by 5th grade (one of mine got it in 4th) so i think this is really a bad idea.
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