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When Should You Stop Walking Around in the Buff?

A discussion up for debate at my house nearly every morning, I want to know when you think kids should be shielded from their parents' family jewels.

In some families, nudity is acceptable at any age. A number of conservative folks start hiding their unmentionables when their kids are able to talk and point. For others, the age depends on the gender — naked mama and daughter is OK, but nude dad and teenage daughter is awkward. It can also be influenced by culture.

At what age, if ever, will you shy away from showing it all?

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PatrickCollier1400019688 PatrickCollier1400019688 3 years

I do not see a reason for my wife or I to cover our genitals when our children reach a certain age. From the time they are born we will raise our children to know that there is nothing wrong to see a brother or sister naked or mom or dad. We as a couple will live our lives as nudists and our children will be raised that way. Raising our children to accept our bodies as God created us will go a long way to not be curious about the opposite sex. Seeing each other naked each day at home will take away the mystery of what the other sex looks like with no clothes. I am not ashamed of my natural body and neither should others who may see me nude.

gwinebarger gwinebarger 3 years

The last thing I need is for my kids to go to kindergarten/preschool and talk about how Mommy and Daddy walk around naked.

amberconner1400116959 amberconner1400116959 3 years

Before reading this post I would have assumed that nudity in the home was a given in any family. At least occasionally. My family (husband, 12 y.o. twin daughters) like wearing clothes and we don't sit around naked at home. We all sleep in the buff and the morning rush to school and work is really the only naked time in our house, but it never occurred to us to cover up when going to or from the shower or the laundry room with a short detour to the kitchen for instance. I honestly never gave this a thought until now.

KathleenHarris23202 KathleenHarris23202 3 years

With a boy and his Mom, whenever he stops looking at your face, because he is totally mesmerized by your breasts. With girls, its when look at you and say "That's nasty put some clothes on." My 2 daughters, would come in and talk while I was taking a bath.

SybilAnnHansen SybilAnnHansen 3 years

Do you have children?

SybilAnnHansen SybilAnnHansen 3 years

I feel it depends on the family and comfort level. My kids are 3 and 5 and we have no problem being nude but its for showering or dressing. I would think once they want the privacy it will be then, however I don't think i will ever feel uncomfortable they are my children. If they walk in my room while I'm changing then I think its okay. They still walk in on me when I'm trying to use the bathroom even when i want alone time LOL KIDS

AphKar AphKar 3 years

I voted for before 5 for myself but by no means is it a hard and fast rule. My son is almost 7 and even though I'm modest around him I wouldn't care if he saw something and asked questions.

ChristinaShropshire1371565912 ChristinaShropshire1371565912 3 years

For our family it's around five years old. They understand the differences in our privates and now it's time to teach them about respecting their bodies by keeping our privates covered and dressing modestly. It also is out of respect to others to be properly dressed. You can still teach them that their bodies are beautiful without going around naked.

JessicaShanahanJack JessicaShanahanJack 3 years

I'm a single mom of 2 boys (4 and 2) and while they'd be more than thrilled to be nude ALL the time, it's opened up the conversation to talk about when and where it's appropriate to be nude: in our home - that's basically for changing clothes/showering purposes - but not just running around the house. When we're pressed for time, we'll take a family shower and that's brought up the talk about male vs. female parts. At this point no one is embarrassed or uncomfortable - and I can't imagine that happening for a couple more years at least. We just take it one day at a time.

TinaHinspeter TinaHinspeter 3 years

There is probably an age where it becomes strange or awkward, however an issue I would be concerned about is when the child starts questioning their own body. For example if the mother shaves or doesn't shave/wax whatever (perhaps tattoos, piercings). For example, it could impact them negatively as a teenager when they start to experiment. I've heard of young girls saying their boyfriends want them 'bald.' The age of these girls alarmed me the most! They were still in high school.
I guess it really depends on the family and their values and the nature of the child. Parents need to be mindful of their child's personality and confidence and decide if they are causing more harm, or allowing their child to accept themselves and be comfortable in their own skin regardless of how they look.

SallyBackhaus SallyBackhaus 3 years

My husband is uncomfortable being seen naked. It was years before he was comfortable with me seeing him that way any time other than during sex and he is definitely not okay with his daughters seeing his bits. Our daughters and I find clothing uncomfortable and aren't much interested in wearing it inside our home. We've agreed to "live and let live". Daddy gets his privacy; his girls get their nudity and we're all happy.
My 9 year old has recently started sometimes not wanting the rest of us to see her without clothes and when she's feeling that way, she gets her privacy too.

MoniqueRapozo1393312632 MoniqueRapozo1393312632 3 years

This topic is so controversial. In my opinion, it depends on the individual. If a child at any point displays discomfort, then you should consider respecting his or her wishes to cover up. I walked around naked long enough for my children to reach the age of curiosity. "Mommy whats that?" Mommy, why don't we have the same body parts down there?"
Even after the questioning and my explanations I continued to walk around my home naked.
Finally, I ended it once I felt it was a distraction. If I walked through the living room and my children were no longer watching tv, but instead, myself! Awkward! Pointing, giggles, covering eyes, making eyes contact with siblings because of my nudity. Those were just a few signs that it had to come to an end!

Grzenia14832017 Grzenia14832017 3 years

I'm shocked at how open minded some of these posts are regarding nudity in a family. I'm very modest and demand my privacy. If I were a young girl I would not want to see my naked father or brother. Some may call me a prude but I wouldn't care.

corneliawright1368843018 corneliawright1368843018 3 years

I understand what aninoma has went threw at a young age but a pervert will always find away to see a child naked it was that factor and your mother going along with that's where the problem lied because when I was younger I dressed in the privacy of my room and the bathroom and even sitting with clothes on in the dining room didn't matter where I was in the house or if I was naked or not because I still got touched and watched while I was in the bathtub. so walking around nude wouldn't be wrong or hurtful unless a child molester lives in the home. So a pervert will touch u inappropriately no matter what so what mothers need to do is make shore the man how is the father of their child is not a child molester and things like that wouldn't be of concern because like all the other comments a child will diside when it is uncomfortable for them (or their parents) and no harm will become of it, because they're privacy was respected when asked and no well minded parent will want to abuse their child in anyway if they truly love their child and is not a child molester in mind or action.

SherraZagrodney SherraZagrodney 3 years

I have 2 boys (9, 6, 4) and both my husband and I still walk nude around them. I feel it allows them to ask questions and we can answer them (why the difference in body parts? why is mommy different than daddy?). I feel soon I at least will have to stop because my 9 year old is getting up there and I don't think he wants to see mom nude anymore. The only time he ever sees me nude as it is anyways is when going for shower (if they are awake) or getting ready to go somewhere. I think the moment I know he is uncomfortable with it then I will stop but right now he still comes to my bedroom and talks to me sometimes when I am changing, so obviously it doesn't bother him yet. We shouldn't be shy of our bodies. Bodies are beautiful no matter the age or size.

elwood83353 elwood83353 5 years
my parents never walked nude around the house, but then again they never shyed away completely if we(my sis and I) saw them naked. I do remember going nude a couple times at lakes on some backpacking trips when I was about 9 and 10 yrs old. But in that case, us 2 guys, my dad and I went to one end of the lake and sis and mom the other end. Things did get alittle weird when my sis caught me "pleasureing myself" nude one morning with a morning erection when i was 12. She had orders to wake me early for a road trip we were doing one summer. I figured it was the last time before the end of the trip before I could "do it again". Since then she always knocked first. Never did get punshied for that. Just made it weird for a couple days.
HermioneA HermioneA 5 years
I have 2 boys, aged 2 & 4, and have never even thought yet about when myself and my husband may stop the nudity.  We don't habitually hang around the house naked, it's generally just when we've showered, getting changed, ready for bed, etc.  I don't think there needs to be a set age when it'll stop, as I'm sure it will, but I'll be steered by any signs of awkwardness instead.
jnk5 jnk5 5 years
First off I would really like to address what Anonima shared....My heart just goes out to you right now, I am so sorry to hear about what you went through as an innocent child. God bless you for being able to have the strength to leave and even more so share your story so that others can hopefully learn from it. You are a super woman and your mom was and still is a pathetic coward that doen't even deserve the title "Mother".    I am a mother of 3.....2 boys and a little princess. In our home we are very open with our children. Growing up I was not able to ask or speak about sex, this lead me to an extreme curiosity about the subject. When I was 15 my bestfriend and I expiremented with sex which then lead to me becoming pregnant. I am thankful that unlike most teenagers I had met and found the love of my life and after an agonizing rough road we were able to pull through the challenges that come from a teenage pregnancy and got married years later and had 2 more kids.    Because of the way I was raised I chose to do the exact opposite of my parents. We have always been very open about sex and nudity with our children to the extent that at age 7 1/2 our oldest was in the room with us for the birth of our second son. Then when he was 10 and our younger son was almost 3 they both were in the room with us for the birth of their baby sister.    Our oldest is now 14yrs (one year younger than I was when we had him), our second is 6 and our daugter just turned 4. We are a very close family with an extremely tight bond. Our kids know that they can come to us about anything and no question is off limits. Our oldest is now going through a phase of being a little modest, he prefers to shower with the door locked and we respect that.    I believe that as parents we need to realize that not every child is the same and we need to pay attention and respect when our children want a bit of privacy/modesty at home. As long as your child is comfortable with seeing mom and dad naked I think it is totally fine and will teach them that their body is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. I also believe that causes less curiosity about sex and nudity.
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