Things have been hectic for me over the last few weeks. I'm moving into a new house, had a couple weddings to attend, and have been balancing my busy schedule of working and parenting with another bun in the oven.

After traveling sixteen hours on Sunday, working and packing on Monday and Tuesday and taking my mom to the airport at 5 a.m. this morning, I was ready for a Sleeping Beauty type slumber. Instead, I got ready for work and made my daughter breakfast. When the nanny arrived, she offered some advice, "You look so tired! Maybe you need more makeup." It was just what I needed. Thanks to her boost of confidence and energy, I ran, I mean shuffled, out the door in a rush to make my bus.

Hopefully, I'll get some rest tonight, though it's doubtful as my hubby is out of town and I'm signed up for jury duty tomorrow. By then I'll need a face lift — or at least my nanny may think so!