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Mommy Dearest: Naughty Nanny Wardrobe

Mommy Dearest,

I have a delicate situation that I'm not sure how to approach. Our nanny, whom we love, occasionally wears questionable clothing to the house. She is very professional about everything else, but her wardrobe has left me speechless lately. Though I have nothing against thong underwear, I don't care to see them hanging out of her pants. Also on display are her large breasts, which my son has taken to bouncing. You would think she could take a hint from a three-year-old! What concerns me most is her choice in footwear. She has been sporting heels! Not only do I worry about her chasing my son around on the playground in a pair of party shoes, I am concerned about her safety. I don't want to tell her how to dress, but I do think I should say something. Any tips on how to address her?

— Seeking Scantily Clad Advice

To see the response from Mommy Dearest,


Seeking Scantily Clad Advice,

The easiest way to entertain the conversation might be to address the shoes first as they are a danger to her and potentially your son. I would ask her to bring some sneakers or other practical shoes with her to wear when she is out running errands or playing with your child. As far as the revealing clothing goes, you have to decide if it's worth addressing. Personally I wouldn't worry too much about it. Youngsters are going to be exposed to all sorts of wardrobes. If you get a glimpse of the bra or undies, you could hint to her that her undergarments are hanging out and she might decide to clean it up on her own volition.

— Mommy Dearest

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