Naomi Watts and Alexander Schreiber
You Know You're a Mother When: Buttons Come Undone

There are numerous reasons why I admire beautiful mama Naomi Watts and seeing this picture reminded me of one — she's a harried mom just like me. More often than not, mothers get everyone clean, clothed and ready, before they throw their own outfit together and head out the door.

Known for her stunning red carpet looks, Naomi Watts fell victim to a "You Know You're a Mother When" moment while stopping for a New York City ice cream cone with Liev and Alexander. While lil Sasha looked picture perfect in his bright Appaman tee and black Converse sneakers, his hot mum's adorable tunic was unbuttoned at the neck giving her the mark of motherhood.

Pacific Coast News

Uh, maybe it's like my tunic and the button keeps coming out on it's own? Maybe she doesn't like it closed? Could be many reasons and might not have to do with being a mother. I think that's reaching a bit, no? I'm not a mother and I've had buttons undone before.
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