My six–year–old niece has been through the ringer with eczema since she was born. Cortisone creams and prescribed medications were the only things that kept her from rubbing her beautiful skin raw. Moms hoping to avoid medicinal cures for the common scratchy nuisance may find relief in this homemade paste recipe.

Michele from Glam Spirit uses a combination of Vitamin E oil, Goldenseal powder and honey. Vitamin E oil, as you may know from stretch mark creams, helps heal the skin by keeping it moisturized and therefore, less itchy. Goldenseal is an herb that disinfects and reduces swelling. Honey also reduces inflammation and scarring while the antioxidant agents help heal pained areas.

To see how to make the homemade healer,


Once you have all the ingredients, take the Vitamin E oil and mix it with the Goldenseal powder. Then add a small amount of honey. Apply the paste on the infected areas for a healthy and sweet road to recovery.