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Tips to Aid Diaper Rash Naturally

It is torture to watch a babe with a bloody bumpy bottom writhe in pain. Every time they relieve themselves, it becomes a fire drill for the mom as she scurries to change the tot at record pace. While many parents would try just about anything to rid their child of such a situation, there are natural remedies to put a stop to the redness.

  • Wash cloths: Use warm water on wash rags instead of wipes. Most wipes contain alcohol and irritate the diaper rash further while stinging the child's bum.

To see my other tips,


  • Reduce acids: Avoid juices like lemonade and orange juice and foods containing loads of acid.
  • Air dry: Allow the tot to be bare bottomed as long as possible. Some moms swear by a blow dryer to help dry the child immediately after a diaper change. If doing this, make sure to keep the heat very low and the dryer a safe distance from the rear.

The bottom line (har har) is to keep the tyke as clean and dry as possible. Sing with me, "Come on over baby. There's a whole lot of changing goin' on... Change it baby, change it."


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