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New American Apparel Tee Shirt Raises Eyebrows (PHOTOS)

New American Apparel Tee Shirt Raises Eyebrows (PHOTOS)

Fashion giant American Apparel recently released a new tee shirt which is currently sparking a wave of outrage among parents. The message on the shirt, "Teenagers Do It Better," came as a surprise as the brand's controversial CEO, Dov Charney, was facing a series of legal woes this summer - including sexual exploitation and sexual harrassment accusations from young women.

The shirt comes as a free gift when you order the spring/summer issue of Ey! magazine, and is also being sold for $24 online.

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Would you let your teen wear this tee shirt?

Image Source: American Apparel via Huffington Post

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CoMMember13631168226529 CoMMember13631168226529 5 years
Much of the clothing that is marketed to teens is of questionable taste. Who ever thought having stuff written across the backside of our girls is attractive or appropriate?
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