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New App Lets Unborn Children Choose Their Own Name

New App Lets Unborn Children Choose Their Own Name

Are you struggling to pick a name for your unborn child and would rather let him or her decide? Well, now there's an app for that.

Here's how it works. A pregnant mom places her iPhone on her baby bump. The app randomly generates thousands of baby names and is able to detect when the unborn child kicks via the device's accelerometer. Small kicks are registered as the baby just scrolling through names, while a larger kick will confirm the choice.

Read the whole story here.

Would you consider using this app?

Image Source: Kick to Pick

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LucyLalouette LucyLalouette 6 years
Amusing, but not terribly practical... Also not sure how happy I would be keeping an active phone next to my unborn baby for any length of time...
HeatherCory9805 HeatherCory9805 6 years
phones have radiation and so yes it is not good to have a phone close to your body there are warning signs saying to keep your phone 8 inches away from your body so what does that tell you ?
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