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New Barbie Sports Tattoos, Skulls, and Leopard Leggings (PHOTO)

New Barbie Sports Tattoos, Skulls, and Leopard Leggings (PHOTO)

Mattel, Barbie's maker, is giving critics of the iconic dolls something new to talk about. Barbie's had a number of makeovers through the years, but she's never looked quite like this before. Simone Legno's lifestyle brand Tokidoki has restyled her with neck tattoos, a skull t-shirt, and leopard-print leggings. This edgy version of Barbie is already sold out and is sure to be a valuable collector's item, but will moms buy it for their kids?

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Would you buy Tokidoki Barbie for your child? 

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AdrianaHernandez25269 AdrianaHernandez25269 5 years
compared to the hootchy looking bratz, i would buy my daughter a bunch of these. Plus.... coolest looking doll ever!
TammyMcQueen TammyMcQueen 5 years
Yes I would, People come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and even with tattoos. It is nothing they don't see in the real world and as for the cloths, look out your window and tell me what you see.
KendraKime KendraKime 5 years
Yes&no, yes I would buy or allow my daughter a doll with tattoos, crazy hair,a punk or goth look, even piercings, being as I'm a 32yr old mom with such, a lot of folks she is around are like such. No because I don't support the company with my money (or a fan of the brand) but I would not be opposed if she somehow ended up with one. Better then a Bratz or Monster High doll... mostly hate the physical design&messages of the latter 2.
LeiAnne LeiAnne 5 years
People seriously worry way too much. Give your kid some credit. It's Barbie. I loved Barbie when I was a kid. I dressed her sexy before I even knew what sexy was...and it didn't mean I wanted to grow up and be a slut. I just liked to play with the clothes and come up with different looks. I put miniskirts on my Barbie all the time. I'm 48 now and guess what?? I haven't spent my life wearing miniskirts and wearing slutty clothes. It was just a fun toy to play with. Tattoo Barbie? VERY cool. I have 3 tattoos myself and I am one of the churchiest people around! My tattoos stand for my 3 kids and remind me that God watches over us, even when days are darkest. What's wrong with a tattoo, anyway?
LeiAnne LeiAnne 5 years
Yes, I would. People worry too much and make mountains out of molehills. Little girls love design and just because they want a tattoo barbie doesn't mean they want to grow up and get tattoos. It just means they like cool designs. How many of us drew designs on our hands and arms when we were kids? I drew hearts and flowers on every piece of paper I came across! Why do you think kids like stick-on tattoos?? Get a grip, people!
jessicalopez29888 jessicalopez29888 5 years
wow this is just not right how there are encouraging kids to get tattoos if parents are taking there tattoos off to be a good example for there kids what is the world showing them?
Morgane59853 Morgane59853 5 years
I personally don't see anything wrong with it. We give our children a doll that glamorizes appearances in the first place with clothes, makeup and unrealistic bodily appearance, tattoo's make no difference. It's up to the parent to educate their children about the permanent outcome of tattoos. Personally have tattoo’s myself however all my children know how permanent they are and when they are 18 it’s their decision. If a parent doesn’t agree with their minor looking for tattooing it’s simply a matter of not signing the parental approval for them to receive the tattoo.
AngelaCaldwell42894 AngelaCaldwell42894 5 years
I wouldn't pay $50 for a Barbie doll but I do think she's beautiful and I see absolutley nothing wrong with it. My daughter will grow up knowing the diversity of this world and she is free to be who she wants to be.
LisaWebster82067 LisaWebster82067 5 years
Glad to see so many positive comments. I think this barbie is great! I hope they make a regular version. My daughter won't be getting any $50 Barbie to play with. :)
ElaineSpies ElaineSpies 5 years
I agree with Kathleen Ramos comment posted on 21 October!
loriwhitaker95277 loriwhitaker95277 5 years
How utterly ridiculous! It's not so much the doll that amuses me as it is the comments. "Inked" or not most of you are vehemently standing up for the sale of this doll as though it means something. It's a doll--a silly representation of a part of our culture that is usually lees than desirable, ie Kat Von whatshername. Really, in the end what does this idiotic argument matter...? Moving on.
SherriAnneMazursky SherriAnneMazursky 5 years
1: This is a collector barbie intended for adults. 2: I see nothing wrong with doll. I am a middle class home owner, mother of 2, and a barbie collector. 3: what is wrong with tattoos? I have a few of them and pretty much every person my age that I know has them also. Why is it bad for a little girl to have a doll that has tattoos? Lets teach our kids to have open minds and diversity. I'm on the P.T.A. drive a nice car and will at times rock a leopard print. I have had pink in my hair, and am very respected in my community. So would you not let me babysit because of how I look? ps This is not the first Barbie to have tattoos. Go to Barbie This is all a bunch of media hype.
nikkifranks nikkifranks 5 years
i think its great look at the other dolls that have come out with the real looking vagina and penis people still buy them dont they.. these days its not frowned uppon having a tatoo your not a tart or a slut its art that you wear, times have changed and you either love or you hate it ..
NaomiWada NaomiWada 5 years
Give a pre-teen girl some magic markers, a sewing machine, some scraps or lycra or such, and they will probably experiment with the barbies they have in such a way. I did it 30 years ago. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
RebeccaWeemsStanley RebeccaWeemsStanley 5 years
I think it is hillarious that this is up for debate and the standard old barbie isnt. I mean really? I kid is only 2 and 1/2 and loves her barbies and I soooo want to get her one with tattoos. I have tattoos. who under the age of 80 doesnt these days come on people. I would rather her want some tattoos than kill herself trying to look just like the old barbie.
KittyLaybourn KittyLaybourn 5 years
both my husband and i have tattoos...... i see no reason why a barbie with them is any different than the people my sons will encounter in their lives..... if you want them, have them..... if not then don't.... but children should be able to see them and not wonder about them......
LauraBush16952 LauraBush16952 5 years
I say that it is no big deal to purchase a Barbie that is sporting tattoos. Most mothers and fathers now-a-days have them and do not hide them from the children in their life. Instead of worrying about things such as tattoos why don't we take a look at why the maker of Barbie has not come out with a curvy Barbie or plump Barbie. People still have HUGE issues about that and I have a feeling a lot of parents wouldn't purchase that one for their child either. It seems that most parents would rather their child look up to an "Idol" that is made to be super skinny with large breasts rather than a doll who resembles most women.
MallorySharp MallorySharp 5 years
It is a freaking barbie if you don't want your child to play with it DON'T BUY IT!!!! if you think that it is wrong for a child to see a tattoo on a doll. People have tattoos on their bodies and they also make temp tattoos for children... Seriously kids could do way worse than want a tattoo that they CANNOT just go and get. when my son wants a tattoo and he is old enough then that is his body it is his decision that he will have to live with for the rest of his life. A barbie REALLY??? it is a toy.. just like toy guns.
MaryHarshey MaryHarshey 5 years
yes I would I mean we buy them the temp tats and they see everyone with them why not
Nikoblackcloud Nikoblackcloud 5 years
yes,iu would buy it. i think parents need to have a more open mind. Its no different for seeing someone on the street like that or on tv.
MaryAnneFernholz MaryAnneFernholz 5 years
I think that this is not the role model persona that Barbie has been throughout history. Sad, really.
SheilaMoss SheilaMoss 5 years
If it were a regular barbie I would definitely buy it without a second thought but I would not buy it if it is going to be a collector for 50, saying that I won't spend 50.00 on any barbie because that is just a crazy price to spend on a barbie doll. The barbie looks awesome though and I think it is the best one they have come out with,,
CinthiaKerr CinthiaKerr 5 years
Absolutely! I think its awesome and fits in with todays society. There is nothing wrong with tattoos as long as they are tasteful..
AnnetteTatarynw AnnetteTatarynw 5 years
Yes, I would buy the shows diversity. I am a professional career woman. Who has tattoos and peircings. Also, itz the year 2011 not 1940. Lets not live in a bubble. I am more opposed to the content of cartoons shows geared for adults such a Family Guy.. Which airs during dinner time.. Now that pisses me off.
SheenaUnsworth SheenaUnsworth 5 years
Yes i definately would! i want one myself :P lol
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