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Should the government help decide if your son is circumcised? Ten years after the American Association of Pediatrics issued a policy statement suggesting that circumcision of newborn boys is not necessary if they are taught proper hygiene, the Centers for Disease Control is considering making the procedure routine in an effort to prevent the spread of HIV.

After studying the effectiveness of circumcision in reducing the spread of HIV in Africa, US officials are looking into changing their recommendations by the end of the year. The biggest obstacle in their decision is that "there is little to no evidence that circumcision protects men who have sex with men from infection."

lilsugar readers have talked about their views on circumcision, but would a new CDC recommendation and a reversal of the AAP policy change your mind?

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mhg mhg 7 years
is unprotected, consensual, heterosexual sex different in africa? please explain. and are the epithelial cells of an uncircumcized penis on an african man different from those on an american? i highly doubt it. those are the cells that appear to be more susceptible to viruses, like HIV and other STDs. this is science, at a very basic level, with plenty of evidence to consider. dismissing it just because it is out of africa is absurd.
hausfrau hausfrau 7 years
Living in the USA is different from living in Africa. In Africa it probably DOES pevent AIDS, in the USA? Probably not. This move is just a way for the CDC to cover it's own ass. It's worthless and not based on science. There is no medical reason to circumsize.
patina patina 7 years
oops, just read the whole article. the cdc can recommend whatever it wants. i hope that parents will find ways to educate themselves on the many choices they have as parents & decide, making an education, informed decision, not just because 'the cdc/doctor/friend' said it. there are so many sources of information & it's never a good idea to just go with one book or one organization.
mhg mhg 7 years
Yea, I love the misleading title. This is talking about AAP policy, not mandatory circs. by the government. What it mostly will effect is government funding of circumcision on low-income, medicaid-covered newborn boys. Currently, Medicaid doesn't pay for circs, which is something of a debate given the studies that show a significant reduction in HIV and other STDs. The thought is that an at-risk population (low-income babies on Medicaid) are potentially being put at further risk for disease by not circumcising... Why can't there be articles on this site without the alarmist titles? NO ONE IS SAYING THE GOVERNMENT WILL FORCE CIRCUMCISION ON ANYONE!!! This is an interesting article and one that is not new. MY good friend is on the AAP and this very thing has come up each year since the study was released.
snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
i think the question was phrased like that to get more responses.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
Whether they are or not shouldn't be a question really.... people should be practicing safe sex and getting tested for std's and hiv. If people werent so lax about taking care of themselves, teenagers included who are NOT innocent victims, we wouldn't be rampant with std's and hiv like we are right now.
cheersdarlin916 cheersdarlin916 7 years
Even though I did have my son circumcised and I plan on having my next child done also if it turns out to be a boy I feel that it was my decision and I do not believe that the government should tell my that I have to. It is a personal choice that the parents should be able to make.
Roarman Roarman 7 years
"...the Centers for Disease Control is considering making the procedure routine in an effort to prevent the spread of HIV." I think the key word here is "routine", which does not equate to mandatory. To answer the question, no the government should not be able to tell parents to circumcise their sons. It would be better to promote sex education and provide access to birth control.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 7 years
They will never touch my childs private parts. This is why I am having my kids at home.
patina patina 7 years
the government absolutely should not be able to decide if you circumcise your son! this is crazy. yet another reason to have your baby in a birthing center or at home!
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