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New Condom Policy for 12-Year Olds Upsets Parents (VIDEO)

New Condom Policy for 12-Year Olds Upsets Parents (VIDEO)

A new STD-prevention policy is raising eyebrows at a school in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The school's officials just approved a measure in favor of a new policy that would give children as young as 12 access to free condoms. The condoms will be made available by school nurses, and students who take them will receive sex ed counseling from school health officials, we well as instructions on how to handle the contraceptives.

Several parents at the school have expressed concerns that the policy promotes sex among students.

Do you think kids as young as 12 should have access to condoms?

Watch the video here.

Image Source: CNN

MichelleKing69076 MichelleKing69076 5 years
I've been a Labor and Delivery Nurse for 16 years. I also have an almost 8 year-old daughter. While the thought of talking to my daughter at age 12 about sex and condoms frightens me beyond belief, I have to rely on my years of experience in Labor and Delivery. The hard fact is a large majority of kids have sex at a young age. I have taken care of patients delivering babies at age 12, 13, 14, etc. on more occasions than I ever thought I'd see. They came from all different types of homes. Some were from homes without involved parents, sure. But, a lot came from homes with loving, involved, and religious parents. The facts are kids WILL have sex at some point, whether we like it or not. The best we can do as parents is to educate them on the dangers (STD's, teen pregnancy) and to equip them with the resources necessary to protect themselves against both. Trust me...Keeping our heads in the sand and preaching abstinence won't make reality disappear.
BeckyYoung71921 BeckyYoung71921 5 years
Just wondering- what is the age of consent?
DorisOrvis DorisOrvis 5 years
Sorry, I don't agree with anyone who says that it is okay to give 12 years old children or any child still in school, condoms. It is not the school's job, it is the parents' job to teach the children. The children who engage in sexual activities will do it regardless of condoms in schools and won't use them anyway. We don't want interference when it comes to our children, but we are letting the school do this!? Crazy! This could even get kids who ever would have thought of such things ideas just by listening to friends who talk about the condoms. Don't think kids would go to school nurses to get condoms, knowing it is then known that they are engaging in sexual activities. Simply don't agree with this. It's like an invitation to kids to have sex, even the ones who would otherwise not even think about it. I am against it. My opinion.
WendyValzano WendyValzano 5 years
I feel that it is tooo young to be giving our children at the age of 12 condoms. What the school should do is have a meeting with the parents of 11,12 & 13 year olds, teach them for signals to look for if their child is having sex. The should when they get a condom from the school nurse,even though she has given the child a talking to about safe sex, maybe a phone call, e-mail or note sent home to the parents, or even teach the parents the right way to approach this important conversation. They are under age and and cannot make this very important decision that could change their lives FOREVER! I spoke with my mom and she works a women's clinic and if a 12 year old came in pregnant the clinic does not have to call the parents that this girl in having an abortion. We need to talk to congress or our state representatives and get this changed.
MorganGoodley MorganGoodley 5 years
unfortunately everyone who is saying that parents need to be parents do not understand that there are parents out there who just will not talk to their kids about this. You say it is not the schools responsibility but then who's is it if the parents are not doing it. I know grown women who came from schools that didn't talk about it and parents who either didn't talk about it or didn't get it right who don't even know what their ovaries do, who did not know you can get an STD from oral sex, who think birth control can prevent STD's. By not arming our kids with information they need in life we are putting them at SERIOUS risk. I think if a 12 year old wants to have sex, they are going to have sex. They can contract STD's just like an adult. They can get a girl pregnant or get pregnant themselves at 12. There is probably a bigger issue at home that is the problem anyway if they are asking to have a condom because they want to have sex. That is why they are not just flinging them down the hallways. These kids have to go to a person and ask for a condom and then undergo sex counseling. The counseling could even persuade them to NOT have sex. It might even find out what the real problem might be at home and could help these kids deal with it better. This is not anonymous. The kids would have to physically go to an adult and ask them for a condom. This is a big deal to a 12 year old. I went to a school that banned even the mention of a a condom from a teacher in the middle of my tenure there. What I saw, more pregnant girls. Luckily I DID have parents that taught me what I needed to know, friends and friends parents who I could talk to if I needed to, and i came from a very stable home and family environment. Unfortunately, not every child is in the same boat.
CoMMember13613863974947 CoMMember13613863974947 5 years
As a sex educator, I spend a great deal of time speaking to parents about the stats on adolescent sexuality. Most are shocked that the average age for sexual debut in this country is 14.5 years old. I do think that having reliable protection offered (alongside "sex ed counseling from school health officials, we well as instructions" on how to use them properly), is a good idea. Ideally, as parents we will already be having such conversations with our kids by that age--we've talked about the handrails on the stairs already...and the seta belts...and the lights at the cross walk...and the sunscreen. I would think the parents who have started these conversations would be appreciative of the secondary resource, and my hope is that the parents who have not yet started these conversations would see this as a welcome primary resource or an inspiration to become that primary source themselves. It is up to us, as parents to use opportunities like this to create more conversation with your children, not less. Jo Langford
MossieValentin MossieValentin 5 years
This is crazy. Information overload to kids was NEVER good, we always say our parents did not tell us anything, didnt' that make you not wonder?
LeahDrew LeahDrew 5 years
im just gonna say it doesnt matter whoes responsibility it is to teach them about sex as long as they are taught. Some parents just dont talk with their kids about sex and someone has to, the fact is one day they are going to do IT, and they need to be prepared and know the conquences of their choice. Its always better to be safe than sorry and i think that parents need to realize that just as much as the kids do.
MelissaRose93470 MelissaRose93470 5 years
As mom we are going to come across the disgusting truth that sex is everywhere. I was sick to my stomach when I picked up my 6 daughter from her cousins house to hear " mom I think when I grow up I am going to adopt because I don't want to have a boyfriend because they do gross things to make babies." after investigating she heard this from her 11 yr old cousin. I can't control the world and protect my angel from this advancing generation. I absolutely hate that condoms are being distributed but it is better safe than sorry. I remember girls being preganat in middle school and that was a big shock! Nowadays it's like what's new?! Parent turn their cheek at the situation and that avoidance turns into. "mom I'm pregnant" scary truth. I was young having my daughter I can honestly say part of it was because I wasnt nsync with my mom about it she wouldn't dare bring up that topic. It's a damned if you do damned if you don't kinda world out there. :(
kristenmendarte kristenmendarte 5 years
look at it this way IT IS BETTER SAFE THEN cannot keep an eye on your kids all the time as in you cannot be 100% positive in everything they are doing who they hang out with or where they go.
CarinManning CarinManning 5 years
I'd rather find out my kid is getting condoms from school than find out my kid is going to be a teen (or preteen) parent.
crystalclapper crystalclapper 5 years
omg. i would be so ticked off if my sons school did that. they have no right, all that does is give them easy access to experiment. condoms break all the time and these kids are way to young and inmature to deal with the responsibility. i was upset when i fould out some schools were doing sex ed in 4th and 5th grades this goes way beond that. and to read some of the responses wrote on here. i can't believe what this nation has come to when people think giveing our children condoms is a good idea, why not give them guns and needles and crackpipes while we are at it. just becouse a few may actually try is no reason to give the more motive to try. when i was first thinking about sex. if i had had easy access to condoms i prolly would have done it but there was no easy access and i am glad becouse it would have been one of the worst mistakes i could have done. the better thing is to teach them and show them what could happon. like pregancy, stds, aids, and etc. make sure they understand they are not imune to those and that it can happon to them. teach them to be careful and (as old as it sounds) to just say no to sex, until they are older and wiser.
Killishandra Killishandra 5 years
When I was in school, I knew a 15 year old who was a mother of 3. The children's fathers (each was different) were all her age. When I asked her why she kept having kids, she told me she couldn't use the pill, and was too young to get condoms. I definatly think they should be available at 12.
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