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New Entrepreneur Barbie

She's Not Your Grandma's Barbie

In her 55-year lifespan, Barbie has had a whopping 150-plus jobs — from aerobics instructor (1984, with a resurgence in 2009) to surgeon (1973), to US president (2000). This year, she's making waves with what very well may be her most exciting venture yet — an open-to-your kids' interpretation of entrepreneur.

Developed by Ruth Hander, the message behind the iconic doll's latest incarnation is: "If you can dream it, you can be it," and encourages girls to have the confidence to be anything that they want. The doll even has her own LinkedIn page, where she'll stay connected with her key business contacts. In honor of the launch of Entrepreneur Barbie, Mattel has partnered with eight female business owners to offer young girls real-life inspiration. The list includes the founders of Rent the Runway, Girls Who Code, One Kings Lane, and more. The doll is for sale now for $13, and corresponding activities and inspiration are free over on Barbie's homepage.

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Adrian26548 Adrian26548 2 years

the only real diversity is in this picture is the side pony on the soccer player...

hmmm, Barbie...i see her crew is bit more girl looks like she could possibly be a brown hue of some sort which is representative of: who the hell knows?, then there's the one that looks a bit like she might - could possibly be of: she has no real distinguishing characteristics descent, oh, but there's sexy astronaut with the mid-drift top that no sexy female astronaut would be caught dead in space without, and that e-collar, oh yea - that's there to prevent her from noticing that her male counterparts will make more than her for the same job. but hey, if she can dream it, she can do it.

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