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New J.Crew Ad Stirs Up Controversy

New J.Crew Ad Stirs Up Controversy

J.Crew's latest ad has sparked quite a national debate. The ad shows the brand's Creative Director, Jenna Lyons, painting her 5-year-old son's toenails pink. While Fox News contributor Keith Ablow suggested Lyons "put some money aside for psychotherapy for the kid", other voices are praising the ad for blasting through gender stereotypes.

See the ad and read the whole story

Image Source: Chicago Tribune

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AlbeePina AlbeePina 6 years
This is Bs it's all about the gay agenda this should not be allowed what's next Lipstick !
CathyParker5941 CathyParker5941 6 years
Dont think its a big deal. My nephew wants his nails painted too when the girls do theirs. We try to do a "manly" color like blue and giggle. But he is still all boy! And loves his trucks and tools.
SusanMarleau SusanMarleau 6 years
Not sure what the problem is here, if the kid likes his toenails pink, let him do it until the inevitable peer pressure crushes his individuality and he becomes boring like the rest of us.
eatgeek eatgeek 6 years
Attention everyone! Hold on! I just found out J. Crew sells PANTS for GIRLS. Burn this mother down!
AngiiLeevers AngiiLeevers 6 years
Great job in having your son laughed at by others for wearing pink nail polish. Give him some eye shadow in pink and pink lippy too while you are at it. Spending time having fun with our kids is precious having our children ridiculed by others are just plain cruel. Mothers reinforcing behaviour with forcing their boys to be like girls is what is making our men grow up to be ashamed to be men. But, this is just my opinion. I have two boys and wont be painting their toes pink just because its their favourite colour!
charlenetelega charlenetelega 6 years
people need to get a life! everyone is soooo homophobic! he's a little boy! my cousin and i played dress up! he always wore my doll hats and clothes. and he's verrrrry into women! it's not the 1800's anymore! kids should be aloud to be free. it's harmless fun!
Am I bad mother for not getting on to my son for wearing my daughters pink tutu no I'm not oh and he wants his finger nails painted to when I do hers and I'm still not a bad parent so what if she paints her sons toenails pink its a color and if he don't want them painted he would say no its a thing called growing up boys are going to want to do what girls do and when they get older they will do more boy things and of he does end up gay so what that's who he wants to be always someone wants to make a mole hill into a mountain people get a life its a color
MichelleLeitch MichelleLeitch 6 years
This is kind of silly that people are in an uproar over this.
BrandiLaw BrandiLaw 6 years
the only thing i find wrong is that kids will pick on him. btw, i belive anything that comes out of fox's mouths...why the hell are they even allowed on the air?
StephanieBlack51215 StephanieBlack51215 6 years
I think that people have way to much time on their hands to attempt to defame this woman or her son over the painting of his toenails!!!!!!! Why is it considered a "BAD" thing to paint your sons toenails? I have a straight "A" student, who is a boy loves the color purple, and pink has purple mens vans shoes wears a pink scarf and is very into girls and not boys. His girlfriend paints his nails and no he does not wear make up but he is very secure with who he is and really doesn't give a crap if some masculine male feels threatened over this. More power to this young woman for raising her son to understand the truth about "masculinity" We need more males raised to not feel that hitting and hurting and wearing only primary colors is acceptable male expression. Geese get a life people and the comment about needing $$ for therapy as opposed to raising an over competitive, testosterone pumped up male that thinks bigger is always better and it is those who win that matter? I think this young man with pink toenails will be adjusted just fine!!!!!
LisaLoguidice LisaLoguidice 6 years
Pink is for girls. If it was black, blue or green it would not be a big deal. She did pink to draw attention.
VeronicaThompson30264 VeronicaThompson30264 6 years
I don't think kids of either gender should wear nail polish. I just think it's like putting neon signs in Yossemite....why spoil something so naturally beautiful? But that's just me.
CoMMember13627170426265 CoMMember13627170426265 6 years
It's not like she was holding him down and forcing the toenail paint on him. I don't understand what the big deal is. Psychotherapy? Really? That's pretty silly to get so upset over something so benign.
vvNiki vvNiki 6 years
J Crew put out an ad about a mother painting her sons toenails pink and people think its controversial? Why? He's obviously young and if he is comfortable enough in this day in era to wear pink HE'S FINE. Not to mention that there's a HUGE movement BACK to the 80's colors..... yes, we wore pink before. MEN wore pink in the 80's. My dad had a big pink BITE ME tshirt he sported, along with multi-colored purple spandex. Does that confuse him? Oh heck no, he's a car wrenching, dirt bike riding, offroading, labor working, good old Oakey, California grown, Manly man. So what is all this nonsense? Oh wait............. nonsense.
JulieDillon JulieDillon 6 years
My husband is 48 as manly as they get, however indulges himself with pedicure and PAINTED toenails. My son loves neon pink, all neons are back as hip and cool. People read way to far into a little self expression, it's color people! Would Black had made him a Satanist?
SophieKendall SophieKendall 6 years
100 years ago boys wore dresses, the colour for boys was pink, and the colour for girls was blue. Maybe look beyond your own nose before gender stereotyping. There is nothing outrageous about painting a boys toenails pink, after all if the kid didn't want them pink he'd of just said no.
JeanineAlexander64380 JeanineAlexander64380 6 years
Yes, because a man cannot be turned into a homosexual with nail polish...but a boy? Boys with too much exposure to the color pink and ponies turn gay. Proven fact. How about everyone get a life and stop acting like morons about something that doesn't matter AT ALL and focus on things that do. Oh, that's right. Because it's easier to make something out of a non-issue than deal with your own life issues.
BettiePfeiffer BettiePfeiffer 6 years
BIG difference in MEN choosing to dress in feminine colors and mother's painting their sons toenails pink.
TanyaTerrell58639 TanyaTerrell58639 6 years
i know in recent years many of guys have worn nail polish and have gotten manicures, it's called metrosexual and there is nothing wrong with it, and okay so what it's pink?! there are plenty of guys who wear pink and many of clothes made for males (old and young) that are pink and after all women (old and young) wear blue and you don't see anybody having a tissy over that, it's just a color people, it really makes me want to smack who ever decided pink is for girls and blue is for boys.
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