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New Jersey Couple Suceeds with Russian Adoption

Would you allow yourself to fall in love with a baby who isn't yet yours?

New Jersey couple Robert and Kim Summers did just that. They had started their adoption process way before Vladimir Putin banned U.S. families from adopting Russian children this past January and had already visited Russia twice to bond with the red-haired toddler they were planning to name Preston. In spite of the ban, and hopeful that they would be allowed to keep their promise to the boy to be his "forever family," they decided to show up at the orphanage on the designated pickup day, which was in mid-January.

Amazingly, this story has a happy ending. Watch below to find out how the Summers managed to bring Preston home — legally.


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bapster74 bapster74 4 years
Jeannette – perhaps you should have actually watched the ENTIRE video and actually paid attention to the story before making an asinine comment. They already had the court decree from a Russian judge. That's how they got the passport in the first place and were able to take their son home when they went to pick him up. They didn't violate any Russian or international laws as the new law did not apply to adoptions that had already been finalized, as theirs had been, prior to the law taking effect. Next time how about paying attention and doing some actually fact-checking before commenting. I'd say that after your comment that the only person's dignity that is in question here would be yours.
Jeanette3725751 Jeanette3725751 4 years
While it is lovely this family successfully completed their adoption, they violated Russian law (not to mention the then-not-yet-their-son'a privacy and dignity) by providing newspapers with photographs of the boy they'd no official claim to - since a Russian adoption is not complete until 3 things are in place: passed court, complete mandatory post-court 30 day waiting period AND obtained a court decree from a Russian judge.
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