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OnSugar Blog: Nap Time

Sleep deprivation is just part of the newborn process, but Mommy Chelsea seems to have found a solution. Nap Time comes from the Mommies blog at OnSugar.

The best part about being a mother? Nap time! Especially during that first year, and if you can afford to be a stay at home mom! Whether you're breastfeeding or using formula, taking care of your little one is a lot of hard work. I've found that days where I choose not to nap while my son naps, I have a hard time falling asleep at night and I am not as patient with my son's little tantrums. With those little cat naps, I feel more awake during the times in between. Sure, the laundry won't do itself and someone has to keep the house clean, but schedule this for when you've got someone else over who can watch your little one, or if you wake up before your child does.

Trust me, it took five long months for me to realize how much I need those extra 10 to 30 minute naps to feel better. Plus, napping will help get rid of those nasty dark under eye circles. Bonus!

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