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New Picture Book from Taye Diggs Aims to Help Misfits

New Picture Book from Taye Diggs Aims to Help Misfits

We're always a little skeptical when a star decides to become an author, but this one has us intrigued: Private Practice star Taye Diggs says he grew up "feeling really awkward, like I didn't fit in,” because he was one of a very few dark-skinned kids in his neighborhood. Now a father himself, the actor's newly released picture book, Chocolate Me, "tells the story of a dark-skinned, curly-haired boy who is made fun of because of his appearance." Diggs hopes the book will be just the beginning; he wants to create an "ethnic Disney" that encourages all kids to feel accepted and comfortable with themselves.

Via The Christian Science Monitor

Have you ever wished that the characters, books, media personalities and toys your kids are growing up with were more ethnically diverse?

Image Source: via The Christian Science Monitor

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CoMMember13631152340133 CoMMember13631152340133 5 years
I don't think Taye Diggs characterized anyone as a misfit in this book...that was the unfortunate wording chosen by the author of this article.
TamaraTaivaloja TamaraTaivaloja 5 years
I like the idea!
AmandaHancock17081 AmandaHancock17081 5 years
The message of the book is good, but is it really good to even entertain the idea that dark skinned children are "misfits"?
CoMMember13629998416574 CoMMember13629998416574 5 years
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