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New Research Shows Sugar is a Toxin (VIDEO)

New Research Shows Sugar is a Toxin (VIDEO)

Are we feeding our kids poison? We all know sugar isn't great for us, but new research is finding that it's actually deadly.

60 Minutes reported this week that sugar — even more so than fat — leads to obesity, type II diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

The tricky part for parents is that sugar isn't found just in sweets: it's often in bread, cereal, spaghetti sauce, and other supermarket foods we don't typically think of as "junk food." 


Dr. Gupta, who is a parent of three himself and reported this story for 60 Minutes knows how impossible it is to control everything your kids eat. He advises instead that parents both reduce the processed foods we feed our kids and educate them about the importance of eating less sugar.

Does your family eat a lot of hidden sugar?

Image Source: vortistic via flickr/creative commons

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JenniferSpiller JenniferSpiller 5 years
Ever hear the one about the women who drank so much water she died? Or how about the fact that pure oxygen can cause lung failure if used for to long. Everything can kill you if you don't use a little COMMON SENSE. But I guess that may be the problem, common sense doesn't seem to be to common.
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