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A New Sex Ed Curriculum That Some Say Goes Too Far

A New Sex Ed Curriculum That Some Say Goes Too Far

New York City's public school system is introducing a new sex ed curriculum that's creating controversy. The curriculum, which begins in sixth grade, emphasizes abstinence as the only 100% safe approach to sex, but also covers contraceptives, alternatives to intercourse, and safe sex methods that prevent the spread of disease.

According to Slate, the response among parents is predictably mixed: some are concerned that their kids will be exposed to too much information, while others are grateful that the schools will be combating misinformation.

(Read more at Slate)

Does this program go too far, or is it just what kids need?

Image Source: via Slate

janetjones55395 janetjones55395 5 years
Let's face it: kids can't even watch tv without being exposed to sex related stuff. Magazines in checkout lines, their friends, some parents with loose morals. It's everywhere. I am all for teaching abstinence, waiting for marriage. But kids ultimatly make their own choices. So whether at school or at home, they need the correct information. Personally, I preferred to inform my kids myself.
CoMMember13626641663646 CoMMember13626641663646 5 years
I like this idea because the school understands that it will happen at some point. Kids should also be taught that you should protect yourself even with oral and anal sex. Also, something people are not realizing though is a lot of girls in high school are wanting to get pregnant. They think baby bumps are cute and having a baby is cute. The pregnant mothers get extra attention. What the schools should also do is have a real babies in class to show that its not what they think it is all about.
KimWhite85220 KimWhite85220 5 years
I remember in grade one we had a sex-ed class, and another one in grade six. I don't remember having one in highschool. Having classes like these when the kids are young may stick in their heads, and help them make up their minds before they even think about having sex. My son was born when I was 29, being able to get free birth controle and condoms when I was a teenager having sex, also knowing where to get them and knowing those Doctors visits were between me and the Doc helped me make the right choises, young people today shouldn't have trouble finding these clinics, I grew up in a small town and yes young girls were still having babies in high school while I was still in school, and was so glad I always went to the clinic and always wondered why they didn't.
SherryWilliams37711 SherryWilliams37711 5 years
i think my kids do not need to know about safe sex in grade 6 and i do tell my kids thing they need to know when they ask but i keep my kids out of sex ed class and tell the school why .
BronwynnNeumann BronwynnNeumann 5 years
This is all great and well. But when is the topic of personal respect going to come up? If all we do is bombard our kids with 'You ARE going to have sex early' and 'You ARE going to get pregnant early' what do you think will happen? Most drunk teens cant think enough to remeber were the loo is let alone to be carefull.
rachelcampbell42829 rachelcampbell42829 5 years
Wow, I really am a bit stunned that the US is taking so long to catch up! Of course they should be teaching age appropriate lessons on safe sex. Australia has been doing it for years, I remember my sex ed in yrs 9-12, over 12 years ago teaching this information. Kids need to be informed as they will not all wait until they are adults in a perfect relationship to experiment.
JamieGreene62132 JamieGreene62132 5 years
Definitely a good thing, in fact I plan on making a sex ed book for my son that shows colorful gory details about the many diseases/consequences of sleeping around like a loose rabbit!! Go sex ed!! Safe sex is NO SEX!!
TamaraJoslin TamaraJoslin 5 years
I'm a foster parent and I can say it would be great if more people were routinely exposed to safer messages about their sexuality. I didn't see the whole curriculum, but it seems from what was noted that it's comprehensive enough to actually help. Would I prefer my child not be exposed to the Alice site? Sure, but it's not like she'll have access to it at home to find the most private information that she probably should learn on her own with her husband. Otherwise, I'm surprised I didn't even think of taking her to shop for condoms. I just figured I'd give her some.
MariaPruett MariaPruett 5 years
No parent wants to think of our younge ones sexually active and hope they do wait but FACE THE FACTS; sex is advertized everywhere! What are you going to do to try to keep them from it?; home school, monitor every little thing to what they watch, read ..... I'd rather my kids be educated about safe sex if they are not going to wait. It's not the being a younge grandparent part that scares me, its that when most kids have babies while thwy are babies they give up on life and very feew of them stay with the babies parent no matter which of their fualt it is for the break up. I don't want my kids making my mistakes and being where I am. I wouldn't take the world for my babies but I don't want them to be like me and wake up everyday thinking this isn't what I had in mind why was I so stupid and struggling to get by because they gave up on life all because they weren't taught if you going to make bad decisions let there be atleast one smart thing about it and use a condom!!! Yea there are other options for girls but those other options won't highly take down the risk of some nasty desies they have to live with the rest of their life!!! Two thumbs up for me on the program.
AimeeLarsen AimeeLarsen 5 years
If the schools were confident that parents were educating their children, they wouldn't feel the need to "try" to do it themselves. No one answer is correct. If parents don't like it, they should teach their child. They should be allowed to teach their child at home instead with out the consequence of the child being counted absent or out while the other parents who don't care or refuse to take the time have their student educated at school. As for the approach, I think they should be stressing the consequences of actions and how to prevent the consequences which is what they are doing here.
AshleighCollins30550 AshleighCollins30550 5 years
It should be an optional class but I think as a teen mother myself that this information would have been very useful and important. Too many parents think "If we don't talk about it they wont do it." Its not a bad idea if done right.
NicoleKight NicoleKight 5 years
Alternatives to intercourse...awesome! <sarcasm. This is what happens when you take God out of education. My child will be in a private Christian school, and I will make sure he knows all about sex and std's, but other than that I'd be condoning sex outside of marriage. Have we not all forgot that manual sex and oral sex are SEX, which outside of marriage is a sin. Therefore, I could not teach my son or let him be taught that those "alternatives" are okay.
AprilBeck84980 AprilBeck84980 5 years
I think I will talk with my kids about this first. They already walked in on me and my husband. oops :)
TamaraConnatser TamaraConnatser 5 years
I believe it is good! Abstinence is 100% to prevent pregnancy and sti's but there are other options that at least the lids cannot say they dont know about them. And as they grow up they will know about them into adulthood.
SabrinaPestel SabrinaPestel 5 years
I think this is a great idea. I had sex ed in the 4th grade but it still didn't teach me anything. Pretty much they just cover for girls that your body is going to change and you'll get breasts and a monthly period. I was completely clueless still as an older teen. Luckily I had morals for myself to just save it for marriage. It didn't work out that way, but at least I was already out of high school and not 14 years old and sexually active because parents don't want to have that kind of talk.
TabathaPinkston TabathaPinkston 5 years
kids are going to hear and see some sexual content where ever they go and will be pressured into it... so tell them about it as soon as possible so they can make an option now instead of when its to late!
MakalaRoberts MakalaRoberts 5 years
You know they say it takes a whole community to raise a child. I am for all the help I can get. I am a mom raising 2 boys by myself and I don't know what is going to happen to them. It is better that they hear it from a proffesional and then they can ask questions to me.
MaryMcCreery98630 MaryMcCreery98630 5 years
As long as the curriculum topics are introduced gradually at appropriate ages, I'm for it.
KristiDrouin KristiDrouin 5 years
It's about time that someone with authority in school curriculum opened their eyes and realized that teaching abstinence only "sex ed" does absolutely nothing to combat teen pregnancy. I am currently engaged in teaching both of my boys age-appropriate sex ed and sexual health, in addition to everything else that it's my job as their mom to educate them on. Unfortunately there are too many parents out there that are too embarrassed to teach their kids anything regarding sex other than "Don't do it". Which, really, is taking the ostrich approach. And then being shocked when their kid winds up pregnant, or with an STD, or with a paternity suit. I hope more schools will take this approach!
MarlaHolman MarlaHolman 5 years
I think this is great and it should have been this way all along. How can people make smart choices with their bodies without the information they need?
SarahGill75131 SarahGill75131 5 years
Stupid auto correct absence = abstinence
SarahGill75131 SarahGill75131 5 years
1st I was a virgin when I got married, absence only works if people really believe it! If u tell kids well here's what you could do, but that's too hard of course they are going to govthe hormone induced route. I am all for telling them every STI there is, however, I don't think my kids need explanations on alt methods of sex. That is so unnecessary. Ye, explain what a condom is, but don't o ion 10 ways you can use them. I just think this total makes abstaining seem unrealistic and let's be honest, once you start down the road to alternate ways to sex it's way easier to go the whole way and possibly unprepared since u 'were only gonna mess around' 2 I think it's hard to say abstinence when sex is no longer saved for marriage, when do you wait til? Til ur in love? I was in love lots at 13..... I just wish kids could be kids. Inform them, but teach them boundaries.
CosimaMendoza CosimaMendoza 5 years
This is a wonderful idea! I've been saying for years that only teaching abstinence is wrong, children need to learn how to protect themselves from pregnancy and disease if they do choose to have sex. I hope this works and will show other states that they need to adopt this policy.
cheriefitzherbert cheriefitzherbert 5 years
I personally think this is great. The only problem I have is...what exactly are they going to give them as alternatives to intercourse????? I think the kids need to know all of what they're teaching them. Kids are starting younger and younger, unfortunately, and if they're not getting ALL the information at home, let school give them the rest. If not, they'll just learn it on the streets.
NicoleDeGeorge NicoleDeGeorge 5 years
People that think that teaching abstinence ONLY will work are fooling themselves. Teenagers have been having sex for millennia and no amount of fear mongering is going to make them stop! They MUST be taught the reality of the situation or else they think that birth control methods are a secret that we (the adults) are keeping from them because we don't want them to "have any fun," "experience true love" etc. After raising a teenager I can testify that they can justify ANY behavior so arm them with the facts, people, or you're going to end up raising your grandchildren!
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