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New Pajamas Do Bedtime Reading For You

Looking to make bedtime a little easier? How about pajamas that read to your kid?

As The Huffington Post reports, that's what dad Juan Murdoch had in mind when he invented Smart PJ's. The jammies use technology similar to that of QR codes, with 47 distinct dot configurations that trigger prerecorded stories when scanned by a smartphone or tablet. Murdoch hopes to release more apps soon so kids always have something to do at bedtime!

Source: Smart PJ's

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SyndellLayton SyndellLayton 4 years
And again people find ways to get out of caring for and spending quality time with their kids.
CarmenHarpel CarmenHarpel 4 years
The idea is cool but I DO love reading to my kiddos, that's our time to bond!! Cuddling time is the best because they grow up too fast so I rather enjoy every little bit now. These are precious memories they will cherish forever and talk about it with you or their own kids someday. Technology is great but we can't let it take our place in our children's lives, balance is the key word. Have fun n show your little kiddos you love them by taking the time.
SallyBackhaus SallyBackhaus 4 years
How nice. Yet another way to not bother to parent your children.
Jean14459619 Jean14459619 4 years
The title of this article sucks. While there shouldn't be any reason to ditch story time with your kid, I think the premise of these is clever and adorable. Let's face it, kids are growing up with technology at their fingertips. Smartphones and tablet PC's are readily available to children of all ages. These PJ's allow kids to interact with their stories, which to me, is an engaging method of getting them to enjoy reading. I would never send my kid to bed with a phone and say goodnight, enjoy your book, but I can sure use a few minutes while going to the potty or doing a couple dishes that the kid can entertain themselves and interact with their pajamas. This is so cool in my opinion. It's not about the product but the parent. If you think of these as a lazy-tool to babysit your kid, then you're the problem. I think of it as innovative and a clever way to entertain kids. If your kid is anything like mine and loves to wear Pj's on a lazy Sunday at home, then these are a valuable alternative to cartoons and movies.
JanetTyson JanetTyson 4 years
Are you really that lazy, that you can't take 15 minutes out of your evening to spend with your child? Why did you have kids then because they are a lot of time and effort.
AudreyHenold24625 AudreyHenold24625 4 years
This is just one more "babysitter" for the kids and another way for a parent to ignore their child's needs. There is way too much technology and not enough nurturing in the relationships between children and their parents these days. How about good-old-fashioned playing with your kids and wearing them out for bed then cuddling up with them to read a nighttime story? Then you'll have healthy, happy kids ready to go to sleep.
TracyStuart TracyStuart 4 years
creative idea - really it is! However, -8 on the parenting scale...
alistone alistone 4 years
I only read this because I thought maybe they were pajamas that could sense when your child had a poop and send a signal somewhere, or change colors or something! That's the only thing I need some cool invention for -- not to read at storytime.
Amanda67820 Amanda67820 4 years
These are cute and I like the story dot triggering thing... but adding more apps for the jammies... it's bedtime. Not playtime.
MichelleLivingston33227 MichelleLivingston33227 4 years
Wow....this is crazy. That's my favorite time of the day. Cuddled up with my freshly bathed, smelling good, AngelPie and reading her a bedtime story. Never would I buy this rate we can buy all the contraptions and never even have to interact with out kids!! Who comes up with this stuff???
Rainy14446032 Rainy14446032 4 years
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