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New State Laws Punish Parents for their Children's Academic Failures

New State Laws Punish Parents for their Children's Academic Failures

New State Laws Punish Parents for their Children's Academic Failures

Has your child ever ditched school?

If you live in California or Alaska, you'd better watch out! Recent laws passed in these two states allow parents to be fined or brought up on charges if their children repeatedly miss school for no good reason. And it looks like Florida lawmakers are heading in the same direction with a current bill proposal that would have teachers give parents a report card on their parent performance.

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Do you think parents should be blamed when their kids fail at school?

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VanessaVanTassel VanessaVanTassel 6 years
this is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Children will make whatever decisions they choose and most of the time it has nothing to do with the parents it has to do with friends and how they influence them. parents shouldnt be held responsible they cant ensure they stay at school maybe schools should make sure they arent leaving. parents get them there what more can they do while at work? text every 10 mins and pray kids dont lie or get suspended for having cell phone in class? some people are just stupid ( the person who throught of these laws and those who support them ) very few kids graduate without skipping classes. maybe come up with better punishments in school to keep kids there rather then always kicking them out. I find most schools try harder to put kids out rather then keep them in. you wont see teachers fighting to keep kids in class they have issues they fight for suspension or even getting them expelled. also I agree with teachers deserving fines too for children failing if the parents are in the wrong so are the teachers for not providing the help needed for children to understand enough to pass. we send our children to school to learn its not our fault that teachers dont try hard enough to keep kids entertained and help them to understand. every child has different needs they are being paid while our kids are in school to meet those needs while we arent there. we dont even have the option of not sending kids to school or then we would have social services on our butts so maybe the schools should take more responsibility.
KimbelryEubanks KimbelryEubanks 6 years
They are crossing the line. Yes, parents should be involved in their child's education. However, they should begin with evaluating the parenting skills of the teachers. It takes both. As a teacher, I have seen parents weep because of circumstances beyond their control. Children will go through things. They have bad days and parents should not have to pay for those days. I never skipped school but I did have uninvolved parents. There are too many details involved in individual lives to rightly impose a law such as this. Let the lawmakers begin with themselves and the teachers before they expect other parents to live up to this. Absolutely ridiculous. And, by the way, I Homeschool my child. It's the best way to avoid bureaucratic control.
CoMMember13629976745903 CoMMember13629976745903 6 years
if the parents dont know they are then no they shouldnt be fined..
HollyGraffius HollyGraffius 6 years
As a single mom, working full time I agree there is parent responsibility but I draw my line there. I have assisted my son with his homework and have asked him to complete the rest on his own. I checked 1 hr later and he had completed 2 problems. No distractions... he decided to take a nap. Other times I have gotten up in the middle of the night to find him on the computer. I have since blocked the times we as a family can be on the computer. These are just a few examples. I am in weekly communication with either a teacher or the guidance counselor. I am doing my best raising 3 boys on my own not by choice but due to circumstances beyond my control. At the same time my son who has been recommended for counseling by his school for depression, has ADHD, and has been selected for a special summer program can't get the help he needs or take part in special programs because his biological father thinks counselors are quack jobs, meds aren't needed because there is no problems, and doesn't feel special programs are beneficial or needed has input into the decisions and so my son who needs help can't get it.
JeanieHerman JeanieHerman 6 years
In Indiana the parents are held accountable and have to go to court if their kids miss so many days of school.
ElisabethIswariMH ElisabethIswariMH 6 years
iam a mother and i think its a bit too much..we all parents want the best for the kids but we have other things to do especially for a single parent or when both parents need to work, and kids always have their own way i think a very close relationship between teachers and parents are strongly needed e.g call the parent first when the teacher realize that the kid is not in the class, talk about it, maybe the kids also have reason why they are not in the class (hear them out) get fined may make everything worse..for all parties...i believe parents and teachers want the best for the children.
JodiMetzger JodiMetzger 6 years
I'm gonna make my comment quick and to the point. Is there also a law going to be enacted to fine and bring up on charges some of the teachers and schools for this same thing and other issues? Example, child was in class B, but not class C that same day. So, does teacher B or teacher C get fined? If a pop quiz is given in class D, and child gets an F, there will be of course a fine for teacher D? Hmmm.
BrandyShear BrandyShear 6 years
I don't agree with this. I skipped school a lot when I was in Highschool. My parents had no idea cause was still passing my classes. It was not until one of my teachers called that they found out, guess what the punishments I recieved did not stop me from skipping again the next year
KarinaStone KarinaStone 6 years
As a former teacher and now a parent, I believe their needs to be cooperation between all parties, student, teacher and parent for the successful education. Yes, the parent should be held responsible for their part and it is their responsibility to make sure their children are in school. Teachers should communicate with parents when students are missing class and the student should be held responsible for the work they missed.
MeaganSmith32275 MeaganSmith32275 6 years
There are FAR too many factors on why a child fails a class to blame a child. And as far as absences, as a parent, it IS your job to make sure your child goes to school, but you can't ensure they STAY at school. I ditched constantly and my mother NEVER knew about it. To solve that, there needs to be co-operation between the school and the parents to ensure the child gets to and stays in school. When a child is missing, call the parents! It's THAT simple! My school NEVER called to let my mother know, which makes THEM just as much at fault for why I didn't show. Hell, half the classes I ditched, I was marked as being there! So why even BOTHER going to those classes. Yes, I graduated with honors, and had no academic problems, but to blame an uninformed party for a childs actions is just wrong in my book. If the parents dont know than how can they correct it? Most parents work and NEED their income to survive, so are they supposed to quit their jobs to stalk their children? yes, parents SHOULD be held accountable for their children and SHOULD help their children or get them the help they need, and push them to succeed, and yes, this law will help with that, but learning disorders or even just a lack of interest, divorce, etc are all reasons for a child to check out. Why not work on a partnership between schools and parents to help the child succeed instead of penalizing the parents for their failures? To me, this is a cop out from an already failing school system.
KateHarle KateHarle 6 years
Parents have to quit with this theory that they are not part of the equation when their kids are at school. Parents who are not actively involved with at least making sure the homework is done and that the kids arrive on time with a good breakfast already eaten and a good nights sleep at the minimum have to start realising that if a teacher isn't given a good foundation to work from then the student will be unable to learn. Yes parents should accept their fair share of blame when their kids fail. I am a parent and I would willingly take the blame if I was remiss enough to not ensure my child had the best opportunity to learn.
am34567 am34567 6 years
GOOD! With good parenting comes well raised children. If you brought your child up well, then there is NOTHING to worry about.
JenniferGibson84484 JenniferGibson84484 6 years
thats crazy
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