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New Teen Drugs

Could Your Teen Get High From Common Candy?

Parents may have a new reason to keep candy out of the house. Doctors have discovered that teens are using candy, soda, and prescription cough syrup to create a new drug known as sizzurp. Also referred to as purple drank, syrup, and lean, the drug is extremely popular among teens, and addiction is becoming a problem.

"The sweetness of the soda and candy combined with the drug itself makes people want to have this all day long," Dr. Robert Glatter of New York City's Lenox Hill Hospital explained to Unfortunately, by the time teens have had their fill of the sugary concoction, it may be too late. Glatter says that sizzurp can "lead to seizures and essentially lead you to stop breathing."

Though the drug is only recently making its way to teens' kitchens, it has been around for a few years. The 2010 hit "Like a G6" references the sweet drink throughout the chorus and teens have posted instructional videos on YouTube. The biggest advocate for sizzurp, however, has been Lil Wayne. The rapper showed off a bottle of it in his 2009 film The Carter Documentary. Last March, Lil Wayne was hospitalized after reportedly overdosing on codeine.

Doctors encourage parents to talk to their teens about sizzurp, even if you think your child is drug free. Given the drug's sugary taste, it has the power to lure in anyone with a sweet tooth.

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ValerieChampion ValerieChampion 3 years
MotherofTwo I agree that this should have been exposed a couple of years. This isn't new and teens are not they only one drinking this concoction. I know quite a few grownups that drinks it. They don't realize the long term effect it can and will have on them. Michaelthatswho - This isn't a HipHop issue; this is a drug addiction issue. I pray one day that people would stop categorizing and judging others.
MargaretMills MargaretMills 3 years
Michael, we are glad you don't have kids either. Your bigotry will die with you and not be passed on to another generation.
MotherOfTwo1383344466 MotherOfTwo1383344466 3 years
Cindy it's not just african american people that produce hip hop. Maybe I read your comment to deeply though. I mean I know what he's getting at but really it's everywhere kids are affected by what they see on tv, in magazines... Literally everywhere. It's not just music Michael. It's whoever the kids look up to and if they think they could be "cool" and benefit from it. And I agree Cindy it's not new, they should have brought this up a long time ago lol.
CindyLewis3079 CindyLewis3079 3 years
Um, yeah, this is not new. And to MichaelThatsWho, do you also blame hip hop for the white teens who make and take drugs like meth, bath salts, "cheese", etc.?
MichaelThatswho1380242432 MichaelThatswho1380242432 3 years
Another result of the US becoming too Ghettoized. Another sad result of Hip Hop affecting US culture. I am glad I don't have kids.
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