Last year, the 12 days of Christmas seemed more like the 12 days of recalls. Parents were up in arms over what products to deem "safe" for their wee ones. Consumers tired of playing the guessing game will be pleased to know that President Bush signed Senator Mark Prior's legislation, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, passing the law on Thursday morning. The Senator said:

With the stroke of a pen, President Bush today signed my legislation allowing for sweeping reforms to begin taking place that will keep toxic toys and other dangerous products out of our homes.

To see what revisions we can expect,


A victory for parents, in the future moms will feel more confident knowing that the merchandise they are buying for their youngsters has been tested before making it to the shelves. Music to a mother's ear, the dreaded "p" word, phthalates and lead will both be banned from children's products. Additionally, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) will receive an increased budget to better their resources and capabilities.

While we won't see these changes take place immediately, it's a relief to know that our government is finally taking the right steps to protect the littlest consumers of all — our children.