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New York School Bans Balls

Middle School Bans Balls to Prevent Injuries

How far should you go to keep kids safe at school? Some parents and students are wondering if New York's Weber Middle School in Port Washington, Long Island, has gone too far in its efforts to reduce injuries by banning footballs, baseballs, lacrosse balls, and rowdy games of tag and replacing them with foam Nerf balls. District superintendent Kathleen Maloney says the policy change was a result of several serious playground injuries.

To see what critics have to say about the ball ban, read the whole story on Huffington Post.

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FionaBrown729 FionaBrown729 3 years
I wish you'd stop sensationalising the articles. Read the article and the school's statement (link within the article) and you'll see it's a temporary measure during construction, not permanent. I'm so close to unsubscribing to this website.
BarbaraTurner82515 BarbaraTurner82515 3 years
THIS WHOLE DAMNED COUNTRY HAS GONE INSANE! STOP IT! Those idiots at that school are just afraid of a lawsuit! Get over it! Let kids be kids. Let 'em get ruff and tumble! That's what they're supposed to do! Stop all this insanity!!!! To the Authorities in that School District: GET BRAINS AND GET REAL!
NaomiVissersKranz NaomiVissersKranz 3 years
Will they lift the ban when the construction project is done? If it is a temporary measure during construction, that is fine. Otherwise...ridiculous. Actually, I am impressed that a middle school has recess. Ours don't.
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