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Newborn Falls Down Toilet Pit After Surprise Birth

Newborn Falls Down Toilet Pit After Surprise Birth

Of all the birth stories we've heard, this is certainly one of the most unusual. 

As China Daily reports, a newborn fell down a toilet pit in Beijing this weekend after the mother unexpectedly gave birth while using a public restroom. The mother, 36-year-old Cai Qulin, had gone into labor nine days before her due date and stopped to use the restroom before going to the hospital. But as she squatted over the toilet pit, her baby was born and fell in. 

Cai's husband Zhang Tao, who had been waiting outside, called emergency services and firefighters rushed to locate and save the baby. After ripping up nearby pits, the rescuers were about to extract the newborn and the child is now in good condition, according to her aunt. "My sister-in-law and and niece are both OK now," said Zhang Zhenghua. "As soon as doctor permits it, we'll bring the baby home." 

Click here to read the full story on China Daily

Have you given birth under unusual circumstances?

Image Source: via China Daily

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BarbaraDuncan BarbaraDuncan 5 years
With my third child I was in labor all day but the pains were 6 to 8 min. apart. When they suddenly went to 2 minutes we called friends to take the older two (4 and 2 yrs) they were ready to take them out without us getting out. We went straight to the labor and delivery area and NO ONE was there, the lights were dim so we ran through the halls shouting for help as the pains were a minute apart then. We were heard finally (we were only about 5 minutes on the floor) and they apologized for not putting the sign up on where to call. It was an hour before he was actually born but makes a fun story of his birth.
TinaClemons TinaClemons 5 years
It is wonderful that the life of the baby was saved! Was the mother how her body would feel? I remember being warned of that when I was expecting my children when in delivery time.
DesireeMarietta DesireeMarietta 5 years
I actually have heard something like this happen (in Asia squatting toilets were and are still the norm), and was so terrified I always went to the bathroom with the door open even when I'm not using a squatting toilet...
TerrieHumphries TerrieHumphries 5 years
I am so glad the baby is okay. But wow what a way to be born?
SamanthaUeno SamanthaUeno 5 years
Why no one has traditionally lied down to give birth! The power of the squat!!!!
CheriGodec CheriGodec 5 years
That's definitely scary!
WendySimmons WendySimmons 5 years
So glad the baby is okay! The poor parents must have been terrified!
DawnErfft DawnErfft 5 years
love your story christie
JosephineSchlotter JosephineSchlotter 5 years
That is weird but glad to hear mom & baby are okay.
CoMMember13615065805197 CoMMember13615065805197 5 years
ChristyRichards15501 ChristyRichards15501 5 years
An FYI..the nurses told me I was so close that I would of been stranded in the middle of winter giving birth..and back then ..cell phones weren't as available
ChristyRichards15501 ChristyRichards15501 5 years
I was pregnant with my third child and was dreaming that I was going into labor but I had 10 more days to go so I knew in my sleep I was ok... but when I woke up I was sorta feeling the same as in my dream .. My husband asked if he should stay home from work since it was January and it was heavy snow outside..I assured him I was ok he left and no more than 25 to 30 min later I was going into full blown contractions.. I woke up my two daughters (under 4 years old) got them dressed set them in the car and I drove through heavy snow to the nearest hospital 20 to 30 min away.. lol I pulled over each contraction and yelled at myself for being stubborn lol but then dropped my kids off to my moms and ensued to the hospital where the nurses were in shock that i would of done all that..and it took us forever to get my husband to the hospital cause it was then an hour away.. right before he got there I was in full blown labor ready to push and as soon as he walked in the room 5 min later our healthy son was born...Next time he offers to help..I will take it :) LOL
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