When women are expecting their first child, they have a checklist of everything they need for baby's arrival. Receiving blankets? Check. Bottles? Check. Car seat? Check. But when the second baby enters the picture, mommy ditches the list and just tries to make it to the hospital on time. Having just experienced this, I was physically ready and more mentally prepared for the second child's debut. Blankets shmankets — just deliver the baby and get me home!

Obviously I needed the diapers, a car seat and bottles, but if I could only pick one superfluous item, it would be the Fisher Price Nature's Touch Baby Papasan Cradle Swing ($140). From day one that device has served my son and me well. Initially, he slept in it and gazed at the moving birds. As the months passed, he began chilling in it while I showered, cooked, cleaned up or played with his sister. When he was fussy and didn't want to nap in his crib, he snoozed away in the swing. While I would be challenged to choose between the swing and his Fisher Price Nature's Touch Baby Papasan Seat, I'm pretty sure the swing could serve both purposes.

Which baby gadget could you not live without?