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Newborn Refuses to Leave Mom | Video

The Beautiful Moment Between a Mother and Her Newborn That Will Melt Your Heart

When a mom holds her baby for the first time, a nurse usually has to pry the baby from her postpartum hands. Sometimes, like in the video here, it's the baby who refuses to let go. After being born via C-section, nurses held the newborn to the mother's head for their first meeting. As the nurses took the child to be cleaned, the baby let out a scream and held on to the mother's head — refusing to be separated. It's a rare moment that's sure to melt your heart — especially if you're a new mom.

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KarinVanDalen KarinVanDalen 3 years

Yep I teared up! My son was born via c-section and when they brought him to me, although he didn't grab onto me, as soon as I started talking to him, he turned his face to me. Someone in the OR got a picture of that exact moment. One of the most precious things ever.

Marlenny-Linda15326193 Marlenny-Linda15326193 3 years

I cried so much watching this, so beautiful! I am having a csection again in April yay! And if this were to happen to me i'd ball in tears when the baby gets taken to get cleaned.

KathrynFeltner1386947799 KathrynFeltner1386947799 3 years

The love a mother and child share is unlike anything else in this whole world. Some moms feel that instant connection. GOD bless this new mommy.

pixiedusk pixiedusk 3 years
OMG it made me cry. So cool these videos shows love.
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