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Newborns Switched At Hospital, Breastfed by Wrong Moms

Newborns Switched At Hospital, Breastfed by Wrong Moms

An Australian hospital is apologizing to two moms for mistakenly swapping their newborns. The infants each spent about 8 hours with the wrong mom before the mistake was realized. During this time each mom breastfed the other's newborn, unaware of the switch that had taken place.

How did this happen? Geelong's St John of God Hospital, which delivered 9,000 babies last year, said that staffers failed to check the babies' name bracelets.

The families are now reunited with their respective infants and apparently supportive of the hospital staff. 


Read the whole story at The Sydney Morning Herald

Do you think you'd know it if the hospital gave you the wrong baby?


Image Source: "G" jewels g is for grandma via Flickr/Creative Commons

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LindsayJ74027 LindsayJ74027 6 years
this is nuts....i thought things like that only happen on desperate housewives...
SueCornell SueCornell 6 years
The same thing happened to my daughter in NM. it was terrible the other mother had to be tested for all kinds of deseases. My daughter won a lawsuit. With all the security these days I still have no idea how this could hae happened.
kristenmendarte kristenmendarte 6 years
what i dont understand is how the moms themselves didnt realize they had the wrong baby for that long. i mean i only have one child and knew his cry when not in sight while at the hospital
JenniferOstlund JenniferOstlund 6 years
I would have definitely known! There is no way they could have switched my son, I knew exactly what he looked like. At least they were both breastfed!
BrendaSpencer39345 BrendaSpencer39345 6 years
Yes I would for sure.
jamienewton jamienewton 6 years
my daughter was rushed down to the nicu right at delivery...i went into surgury and didnt get to meet her for 12 hrs...if my husband hadnt of pointed her out i honestly wouldnt have been able to guess what one was mine...:)
GracesMommy GracesMommy 6 years
I'm pretty sure I'd know if my baby was switched because my first had unique features easily attributed to her dad and me. I'm also glad the babies each had the opportunity to breastfeed right away - any healthy mom's breastmilk is better than none.
TheresaFranz TheresaFranz 6 years
ABSOLUTELLLLLY!!! No doubt about it. The moment you look into your childs eyes at birth and study every little beautiful feature, you know your baby. I've been blessed with 5 and would know for sure if a was given a different baby.
BarbBlenkin BarbBlenkin 6 years
Everyone says they would.. but would you REALLY? I don't think I would notice.. you BARLEY know this little person! Maybe you would have an idea on your second (third, etc) because I'm sure they would look like their siblings.. but the first? No way. I don't think I would at all.
LisaBruce24202 LisaBruce24202 6 years
Each baby was fed, loved, and taken care of. There are a lot of babies that never experienced such kindness from their own mother let alone a strange one. The babies are back with their own mommies before being discharged, by the look of the baby in the picture the other mother's milk suited her the same as her own mother. I was in ICU before I delivered my first child, afterwards I was exhusted. I did get to see her for a minute before they wheeled her away. I had to depend on the nurses to make sure I had the right baby, don't blame the mothers for not looking, they loved the baby in their arms.
ReneeKosek ReneeKosek 6 years
Most defintely, I have had 5 children by c-section and 2 of them were placed in neo unit so I seen the fora very short minute, but as son as i was abl to go see them the next morning I knew exactly what baby was mine. Now mind you the first one wa 21 years ago and the second one was 6 years ago so this just does not make any sence to me...
DanaRidley DanaRidley 6 years
well my opinion unfortunate as it is .I believe most hospital put the hospital band on the infant right after baby born. Parenting tip 101: Check braclet anytime the baby out of your view to make sure this don't happen. CHeck also nurse has hospital name tag on and picture of the person is the person taking your child. If it doesn't seem right go for that gut mommy feeling.
CrisAnnetteNicholas CrisAnnetteNicholas 6 years
I would know the difference too.....and due to stories and mishaps like these, I made sure my babies stayed in the same room with me. But also the hospital I delivered at was very good at checking both our id bracelets before leaving the room and before any meds, labs, etc were performed.
realloveeee realloveeee 6 years
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KyleeHastie KyleeHastie 6 years
Yes I would notice, but my two were very premature babies 25 and 33 weeks ex-premature babies now and doing well, but I would know by maternal extinct.
keiranncomeskey21797 keiranncomeskey21797 6 years
our 3rd baby was born prem and taken from us straight away, when i went down to see him for the first time the nurses had to show me which baby was mine, was a very strange feelin not knowin which baby was mine.
VeniseGionet VeniseGionet 6 years
thank god they noticed it fast. Imagin just finding it out after a few years. You raised this child and loved him like if he was yours, but suddenly you figure out it's the wrong one, do you keep it like that (like an adoption) or you abandon him to get your blood child. Ouff I prefer not thinking about it. againe thank god they figured it out ine time.
AshleyStarker AshleyStarker 6 years
Just glad the mistake was caught!! Those babies must have looked pretty similar.
TammyPope45201 TammyPope45201 6 years
Wow people have made some stupid comments on this article.
AmberChristy AmberChristy 6 years
The only reason I know for certain that I would have known was because I was the only delivery on the floor that week. So, if they had brought me a different baby, it'd have to have been one off the street. :p But, I'm glad that both of those babies were taken care of and sent back to the right families. Mistakes happen and while, if it had been me I'd be upset, I know I'd get over it. I'm sure the staff has learned their lesson.
AshleySherwood65044 AshleySherwood65044 6 years
WOW, I am 33 weeks pregnant and I couldn't imagine. I would hope I would know the difference. But, you do not expect the hospital to give you the wrong baby. The hospital I will deliver in puts the bands on the babys arm in the room before going to the nursery!
TaylorJenkins TaylorJenkins 6 years
yes i would esp. since my baby didnt have that "newborn" look and i would just know from maternal instinct
ChelseaBoykin ChelseaBoykin 6 years
All of my kids looked a certain way when they were born. My first born was the only one to use the nursery at night, but she just looked a certain way that I would know. My twins (b/g) were the only ones born at an army hospital and they didnt have a nursery.. If they did, i'd still be able to tell. They look just like my husband.
BettiePfeiffer BettiePfeiffer 6 years
With my second son, They brought him back to my room and they had either just bathed him or cleaned his cart bed, but either way the tags were gone from his bed and I told them they had brought me the wrong baby, just because they had cleaned and changed his bed. It was him, but then the hospital sent me another baby's pictures from his first baby pictures taken there. So, that was my baby story, and I would hope I would know my own baby, but when they wrap them all alike, it may be very hard. I would hope I would know their personality and habits before feeding them. I guess anything can happen, especially if the babies were switched before the mother's first saw them.
JovanHollingsworth JovanHollingsworth 6 years
For sure I would know. Then again my son has a very distinct birthmark on his face. And I chose to deliver in a very small hospital where the only other child in labor and delivery was a girl. Also I had him in my room whenever possible.
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