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Nicole Kidman's Back to Work Three Weeks After Delivery

Nicole Kidman's Back to Work Three Weeks After Delivery

After gushing about the birth of her new bundle of joy, Sunday Rose Urban, Nicole Kidman is back to work. The baby is the actress's third child as she has daughter, Bella and son, Connor, with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise. The strawberry-blond beauty who barely gained any visible weight while pregnant and did yoga to tone up is all about business. One report said:

Kidman, who whipped into shape faster than paparazzi can snap, is heading for the set of Australia to shoot scenes with hunky co-star Hugh Jackman, according to reports. The epic film, set during WWII, teams Nic with Moulin Rouge mastermind Baz Luhrmann.

Were you ready to go back to work after three weeks?

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ShePirate2010 ShePirate2010 8 years
thats dumb, does she not like her baby?
Twinkle1 Twinkle1 8 years
It's been nine years now and I'm still not ready to go back to work. :D You know, most of movie making is sitting around in your trailer. So she has more than enough time to tend to baby Sunday.
perfectesque perfectesque 8 years
Do u think its really true what they say that celebrities have their tummy tucked and stuff right after they give birth? I mean I'm just thin by nature but I never bounced back that fast! 3 weeks I mean really?
DollyDolla DollyDolla 8 years
I'm shocked! I would have thought that after years of wanting to have a biological child she would stay at home and enjoy being a mother. I mean it's not as if she need she needs the money...why did she had a kid? so that some nanny can get paid to raise it??!! All for the sake of another movie>? Children need their mother to raise them for at least 3 years of age. As a teacher to a high profile private school, I have seen the result of wealthy kids being raised by strangers!
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
3rd child, she knows the drill and has tons of help.
sleekraven sleekraven 8 years
Well, there is nothing she can do about it, she is needed to help finish the movie. Either she shows up or 1. she tells the people who have poured some $120m into the project that she simply cannot show up to help polish an almost finished movie to be released in about 3 months especially since she is only needed for a few days and not endless weeks or months. 2. She can also tell the rest of the cast and crew that they will just have to wait for her until she is ready to make an appearance 3.or tell them no, that she just had a baby and just can't and then put everyone's hard work into jeopardy. Good for her. If she can make it work for herself then why not. What exactly is she going to be doing? moving a mountain?
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 8 years
i am still not ready and my baby is 5 years old, lol
Mommy-of-Three Mommy-of-Three 8 years
I would not have been physically or emotionally ready to go back to work 3 weeks postpartum. Then again, I just can't imagine leaving my kids to go to work. I am amazed that some Moms can do it all.
schnappycat schnappycat 8 years
Sure, I could have easily worked. Just not on a multi-million dollar movie project where I'd be larger than life on movie screens around the world. Good for her, I guess.
crystalvillage06 crystalvillage06 8 years
If she was under contract to do this movie then I understand going back so soon. If not then I don't understand it but I certainly won't condemn her. Everyone is different.
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 8 years
Well since she hardly gained any weight......
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