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The School Year Doesn't Count as Weeks Off For Moms, Does It?

Make breakfast, pack lunches, fill out contact sheets, sign up for PTA committees, sign field trip permission forms, get the kids dressed, tell them to brush their teeth, get myself dressed, gather all the school supplies, pack the backpacks, pack my work bag, remind the kids to brush their teeth (again), gather our things, run to school, get them settled in their classrooms, run to the subway, go to work, come home, begin the dinner routine, begin the bedtime routine, and collapse. That's what the first day of school will look like in my home, where I have two children starting a new school year in a few weeks. And then we get to wake up and do it all again the next day (hopefully with fewer toothbrushing reminders).

But someone forgot to tell the advertising executives behind Nine West's Fall shoe campaign what life's really like for the modern mom. Yes, we believe we can juggle it all (we'll save that discussion for another time). Yes, we can do it all in a pair of killer shoes (I'm looking at you, peep-toe booties pictured in the ad). And yes, some of us will be wiping away "happy-sad tears" on the first day of school (my youngest is entering kindergarten, so you can be sure there will be tears on my end).

But we don't, I repeat, we don't "have the weeks off" now that our children are in school! If anything, life only becomes more complicated. For full-time working moms like me, it becomes a game of jugging school activities, PTA meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and extracurricular practices with an eight- to 10-hour workday that has some travel thrown into the mix for good measure. For stay-at-home moms, the school year often means hours upon hours of volunteer work at their children's schools (because god knows schools are starving for involved parents these days) and in the community along with the juggle of meetings, conferences, and after-school activities.

To say that parents have the day off because their kids are in school for six hours a day insinuates that we sit around eating bonbons all day (in our trendy Nine West shoes, of course) because we have nothing better to do with our time. I don't know about you, but I don't know a single mom who can afford — money- or time-wise — to do that. Think about that before coming up with your next campaign, Nine West ad copy writers. And don't even get me started on your "Starter husband hunting" ad . . .

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MariahStone MariahStone 2 years

I am suggesting that the ad is in fact targeting mothers who HAVE NO JOB. There are actually plenty of mothers in America who do not work, even when their children start school. They often don't work because they don't need or want to. If you are offended because you believe the ad implies that stay at home moms don't have plenty of other hard "work" to do (laundry, dishes, cooking, etc) I would ask you to consider that there are plenty of mothers who don't do those things either. They often have the luxury to not work because they are wealthy, or have a hardworking spouse who is able to support the family on that income alone. Wealthy women often have access to other luxuries, such as house keepers and personal assistants who can manage all sorts of things, such as laundry and grocery shopping. When I say that many are offended because they are not the intended target, I mean that they simply don't understand that they are not the intended target. This ad literally doesn't apply to women who work their asses off when their kids go to school. This ad targets mothers who don't have to work, and who have enough time and money to blow on expensive shoes because these moms not only exist, they exist in enough numbers to support a targeted add campaign. It should not be offensive to working Moms or to motherhood, or to women because this type of lifestyle IS a type of motherhood. So, maybe it's not the ad campaign that is offensive, it's the fact that most mothers don't have the type of lifestyle targeted, and misinterperet this as a dismissal of the hard work they do. This ad literally does not apply to you at all.

MaryMcCreery98630 MaryMcCreery98630 2 years

This ad does not offend me as a "working mom". I find it offensive to Motherhood, period. As if sending kids to school means a mother has no job for 8hrs. a day, 9 mos. out of the year. I am not offended that I am not the "target" consumer. I'm offended that the ad is insulting to women. And if you honestly believe that any mother who finds this ad offensive, is just jealous or narcissistic, than maybe you are the one making assumptions (wrong ones).

MariahStone MariahStone 2 years

The only problem with this article is the underlying assumption that Nine West was actually intending to advertise to the type of mother the author represents, and somehow just missed the mark, discrediting all her hard work along the way. Marketing teams of that caliber are NOT stupid, nor in any way confused about who their target customer is, and who she isn't. Just because you might like Nine West shoes doesn't mean every Nine West add has selected you as its target consumer. Could it possibly be that there are more than enough moms who DO get to enjoy weeks of free time when their children start elementary school, and that Nine West knows this and is marketing to them and not you, working mom?! *gasp* I have seen so many of these advertisement response columns where people want to scold or somehow educate companies about their advertising, but what they are really saying is, "I'm offended that you don't consider me and my lifestyle the appropriate target for this product/ad campaign." Get over yourself. No one is saying working moms don't work hard, they're simply not targeting them with this campaign.

MaryMcCreery98630 MaryMcCreery98630 2 years

Apparently, the advertising execs. at 9West aren't real moms and have never experienced a real 1st day of school. The school year is way busier. There is endless school supplies to buy. Band instrument rental. School lunches, Parent volunteering, PTA meetings, Curriculum night. Then returning school supplies because you got the wrong kind, size, color or it didn't have brads. You have to go 4 different stores because everyone is out of the right kind, size, color and the ones with brads. Then there's the mad dash back home & school again, because someone forgot their homework folder, lunchbox, tennis shoes for PE, permission slip; or for clothes, because your daughter grew 2 inches and the skirt that fit her perfectly fine last week, now violates the school dress code. Then there's figuring out how to comply the new school policy on approved snacks & treats for holiday/birthday class parties, huh? Then there's extracurricular activities and clubs... each requires the purchase of a $12 T-shirt. Then your have parent/teacher conferences and calls from the principal because your 8yr.old refused to do his writing assignment and your 10yr.old signed you up to chaperone the class field trip; and guess what?! She joined another club...and she needs 12 bucks for a T-shirt. Speeding through traffic to make it to Judo class on time. "When's dinner, I'm S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G!" There's long heart-to-hearts about bullies, mean girls, Buds & BFF's, getting picked last, stage fright and auditions for talent show/holiday programs. Rehearsals, costumes & set designs! Also there's UIL contests, science fair supplies, display board decorating, and report writing to help with. Field day...and another T-shirt! Victory dances & consolation speeches. Standardized test anxieties and award ceremonies. Absurdly expensive school pictures that make your beautiful children appear goofy. But you buy them anyway & you do it all anyway. Why? Because you want your kids to be happy, healthy and enjoy learning; so they can grow up to be successful, well-adjusted adults, who will be willing/able to put you in a NICE nursing home, when you grow old. THAT, my dear 9West advertisers, is the REAL 1st Day of School! Most days, if & when I'm able to even think about my shoes, I'm just happy I managed to put on a matching pair.

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